Few women serving on water boards

I just came up with a list of public water board officials that are elected that serve all the SGV and Whittier areas – a total of 16 agencies. Out of 81 elected officials, 13 of them are women.

That’s 16 percent.

That seems really low. I wonder how that number stacks up to the city council’s.

  • http://www.saveourcommunity.us Todd K

    Don’t know the answer to your specific question, but I have done some research on women in state legislatures. The average state legislature is comprised of between 20 and 25% women. Some states are down around 10%, while others are up around 35% California’s is up near the upper end of that range.

    Women tend to comprise larger proportions when a state’s legislature is less professional (shorter sessions, lower pay, smaller staffs, etc), when a state has a better educated population, and in states with larger non-white populations.

    Those conclusions are pretty non-controversial. It’s also possible that term limits correlates with larger proportions of women in a state’s legislature, but that conclusion would be more controversial.