Another look at Andrew McIntyre

Remember this post? Well, here is the biography for Andrew McIntyre, who is running for a seat on the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District:


Andrew McIntyre was born and raised in West Covina. He attended South Hills High School and later went on to graduate from the University of Southern California (USC) where Andrew received his degree in Public Policy Management & Planning.

Commitment To Our Community
San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority
Citrus Valley Health Partners Foundation, Board of Directors
Covina Historic Society, Chairperson
Covina Rotary Club
West Covina, life long resident

Andrew is currently the Water Resource Manager for the Canyon Water Company. He is directly involved in the daily management and oversight of all water resources required to insure an adequate supply of high quality water.

Here’s the problem: McIntyre never worked or sat on the board for the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority.

  • Anonymous

    I resent you alluding to the fact that a water board member would lie on his resume. That never, never happens. Hold on, Xavier Alvarez is calling.

  • Anonymous


  • gilman

    Anybody know where the Canyon Water Company is located or the area it covers?

  • WC Voter

    Again, due to your lack of journalistic skills you don’t know that the Water Quality Authority does have a very active advisory board of which Andrew is a member. Check it out for yourself before you make unfounded accusations. While you are at it, check out William “Bill” Robinson’s attempts on the water board to stop any progression of a water recycling prgram for the San Gabriel Valley. We in West Covina need better than Goofy “Bill”, Andrew is the right man for the job.

  • Jennifer McLain

    WC Voter,
    According to representatives from the WQA, McIntyre has no affiliation with the agency. What advisory board are you referring to?

  • West Covina Watcher

    I find it hard to believe Jennifer McLain would throw something out there like this without checking it first. It’s been 4 1/2 hours since WC Voter’s post…. Is he/she upset Ms. McLain called his/her bluff?

  • Who is Andrew McIntyre?

    Allen Wilson has a post at about this hits at this too. A comment on that blog brings us some potentially interesting tid bits of information about Canyon Water and the McIntyre’s involvment with several other companies here locally. Jennifer, it might be something to look into, if you can understand what it all says, it’s Greek to me.

    If he’s lying about his involvment with the WQA, then what is Andrew’s real job and what does he do exactly? If anything one thing seems clear, Andrew McIntyre is the insider candidate this time around.

    Here’s a link to Wilson’s blog and the comments:

  • Who is Andrew McIntyre?

    It might not be anything, but it must be nice to be Andrew McIntyre. Given his age, Andrew is this side of 30, was donating $1000 to Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Corona) in 2001 when this area was represented by Rep. David Dreier (R-San Dimas). Not only was Andrew a student donating money but so were others in his family. Rep. Calvert, now under investigation for allegedly being involved with improper property dealings, received $4,000 from the McIntyre clan. It must be nice to be a student and still be able to give a grand to politicans.

    Here is the link:

    If you use the find function, ususally ‘CTRL’ and ‘F’ and you type Andrew McIntyre, you’ll see what I mean. Its all on the same date too…..go figure.

    Mr. Andrew McIntyre (None/Student), (Zip code: 91723) $1000 to KEN CALVERT FOR CONGRESS on 06/26/01

    Ms. Claudine McIntyre (None/Student), (Zip code: 91723) $1000 to KEN CALVERT FOR CONGRESS on 06/26/01

    Ms. Diane McIntyre (Self/Domestic Engineer), (Zip code: 91723) $1000 to KEN CALVERT FOR CONGRESS on 06/26/01

    Mr. William McIntyre (McIntyre Developers of Investment P), (Zip code: 91723) $1000 to KEN CALVERT FOR CONGRESS on 06/26/01

    AND P.S.: And domestic engineer? That’s creative at least.

  • WC Resident

    To answer who is Andrew McIntyre,
    Lets start out with a rich boy who family pays to play with the politicians locally as well as with national politics.(Look at the West Covina 460 forms and the vast amount of contributions). Having a person whos family wealth is increased with their ability to gain access in the various SGV cities(though they live in Orange County)they increase their holdings of land and are allowed to do anything they want. With McIntyre on the water board that will make their power of persuasion even more daunting.