In her own words


Here’s what Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina, according to a press release, has to say about a judge’s decision that will allow taco trucks to continue to park and serve.

“I am very disappointed with Judge Aichroth’s ruling in this case and, frankly, I do not understand the basis for his decision–especially since he provided no explanation at all.

Other municipalities–from Montebello to Los Angeles to Beverly Hills–have similar or more stringent laws regulating catering trucks. It seems that only in East Los Angeles is regulation on this issue problematic.

I will continue to stand up for quality-of-life issues in East Los Angeles and elsewhere in the First Supervisorial District. As the residents I represent have continually made clear to me, catering truck regulation remains a top priority–and I will not be deterred by Judge Aichroth’s ruling.

Quality-of-life issues, ranging from graffiti abatement to code enforcement to catering truck regulation, are all important to the residents of East Los Angeles–and I will continue to fight for them.”