Now that’s what I call a community center

I drove out to La Puente City Hall yesterday to review some documents about Del Terra and Arnold Alvarez-Glasman’s firm, Glasman, Colvin & Adams.

On my way there, I drove past the La Puente Community Center which is coming together very nicely, I must say. I remember the first time I drove passed it, it was old, dingy and covered with tarp. Not to mention the fact that it hadn’t been open in years…

But a lot of time and a lot of money later, it seems the community center could be re-opened to the public as early as next month.

A tentative grand opening has been set. I’ll post more when it’s all confirmed. In the meanwhile, enjoy these pics I took while I was driving…


  • LP Resident

    It should be nice considering the $13 million spent. We will have a great Community Center and not have enough money to run it. At least we will have a place to hang out when they foreclose on our homes and we have no where to live. Government is corrupt at every level. When will we ever learn?

  • Happy LP Resident

    Hooray for our Council!!! Finally we got it done. I cant wait to send my kids there after school. What a beautiful building.

    Why are so many people so negative. The previous person should relax and smile.


  • anony moose

    I love how the new youth center looks. La Puente is on it’s way up. With everything happening nationally and with our economy it’s good to know that at least locally we have government working for our families and children. Go LP

  • Anonymous

    It looks nice

  • Anonymous

    The building does look nice i only hope we don’t have problems with the plumbing

  • LP

    Were there cost overruns?

  • LP Teacher

    No change orders, no cost overruns, no problems. We got a great building. I teach at LPHS and am proud of our new building and Council for getting it done.

    Good job guys.