David Dreier, death threats and women’s underwear


I read this story from the Daily Bulletin and nearly fell of my chair:

POMONA – A Santa Monica man accused of threatening to kill Rep. David Dreier in June was sentenced Friday in Pomona Superior Court to spend one year in a mental-health facility.

Thomas Aaron Brothers, 41, was suspected of repeatedly calling the Republican House member’s district office in San Dimas to complain about being harassed by the government for wearing women’s underwear.

During a conversation on June 13 with a staff member at the office, Brothers reportedly became irate and threatened to kill Dreier and the staff member.

Brothers pleaded no contest in August to one felony count of threatening a government official.

As part of Brothers’ plea bargain, prosecutors withdrew two additional felony counts.

At a July preliminary hearing, Dreier staff member Richard Rea testified that Brothers left three “very colorful” phone messages on the district office’s answering machine late June 12 and early June 13.

In the messages, Brothers made numerous vague references to “purple and pink” and complained of government harassment for wearing women’s underwear, Rea said.

Hope this guy knows he’ll have a very limited wardrobe in his lockdown facility…..