FPPC fines…..


Nothing major from the California Fair Political Practices Commission by way of fines here locally except for this:

Paige Bruyn, Vehicle Parking District Commissioner, City of Pomona, failed to timely file her 2005 annual statement of economic interests. $250 fine.

The decision came down in August. I didn’t even realize Pomona had a Vehicle Parking District Commission.

  • Temple City

    Tania is it possible to see who of the local elected officials within the San Gabriel Valley have been fined by the Fair Political Commission with in the last years. I am curious to know. Especially since some are up for re-election in November of 2009.

  • El Monte

    I too would like to know about my civic city leaders. Are they honorable or not? Do they have any skeletons in the closet to speak of?

  • Rosemead In The House

    Don’t leave out Rosemead. We too wanna know.

  • Anonymous


    Can you obtain the medical records of all elected officials in the san gabriel valley and the medical records of their immediate relatives too? I need to know what diseases they might have and whether there are any histories of contageous illness.

    Can you also find out how many times they’ve been divorced?

    I also need to know how much money each of them makes.

  • Anonymous

    Can you also find out if any of our elected officials have associations with terrorists or whether they exhibit “Pro American” or “Anti-American” tendencies.

    I’d also like to know if they are all American citizens and whether any of them might be secret Muslims or socialists.

  • Anonymous

    Could you also find out if they are circumcised. I need to know.

  • Anonymous

    OMG yes, how could I forget…circumcision.

    Thanks Anonymous.