Baldwin Park Town Hall meeting

There is going to be a Town Hall meeting on the proposed redevelopment project in Baldwin Park tonight at 6 p.m. at St. John’s Catholic Church, 3883 Baldwin Park Blvd.

The church is lending their hall to Bisno – the developer – for the meeting, but isn’t offering an official stance for or against the issue. Apparently, the church passed out a total of 5,000 fliers in their bulletins to let people know about meeting.

I’ve gotten some calls from business owners who don’t attend that church, and didn’t get the flier. They found out about the meeting through other means – they’ll be attending anyway.


    Tania thanks for the heads up on the redevelopment meeting and spreading the word.

  • BPer

    It was a fairly good turn-out that had its moments. I was pleasantly surprised to see that for the most part all that attented whether they agreed or not acted civil. There were a few cat calls to the orator and an incident involving a camera i understand. But we were all respectful to one another which makes me very proud of Baldwin Park.

  • Really

    I guess you were at a different meeting because what i saw was a assault on a girl Brandie Woods she had her camera shoved in her face. This injured her hand and face and broke her camera. The bisno employee was interviewed by the police after the meeting and agreed to pay damages. These bisno people are very violent people. I also know the translation from English to Spanish was made incorrectly to confuse and lie to the people who don’t understand. The mayor tried to bully his authority at the meeting by telling people they couldn’t pass out fliers at a public meeting. I guess he forgot he was not at the council meeting where he plays big chief idiot. As for the turn out for 5000 fliers sent out what a joke of a turn out same old people at the council meeting.

  • To really

    You must be a very confused person. Stay off the drugs when you go to a meeting. It’s obvious you don’t speak spanish and barely understand english. And the only same old people there were the same old tired 20 CARA misanthropes and liars which of course you’re #1.

  • Roberto & Lupe Segura

    To the previous blogger,
    I support the Downtown Project and can’t wait for construction to begin; but, I don’t support the type of behavior that I witnessed last night during the meeting! What happened to that girl last night was shocking. I was about three rows back and watched as this woman in a black and white dress with short dark hair approached a girl sitting in the front row. I couldn’t hear what she said to the girl in the chair at first, but the look on that womans face said it all (to bad that Father John had already left the meeting hall because we all could have witnessed a real live exorcism last night). After a few minutes we could all hear what the woman was saying to the girl. She was telling her that she wasn’t allowed to film during the meeting because some people didn’t appreciate it. The girl asked why she had to stop filming when several other attendees were doing the same, the lady told her not to worry about it and it was none of the girls business how she ran her meeting. Then the woman started verbally attacking the girl RIGHT THERE WHILE EVERYONE WATCHED, then all of a sudden you see the woman physically assault the girl, INCREDIBLE! That poor girl was visibly shaken; you could see her body trembling when she stood up and walked into the next room. A couple of minutes later the girl returned to her seat and picked up the pieces of her camera off the ground, and then she left the meeting hall. The girls face was all black from what my wife said was mascara running from crying. Several of us would like to find out why nobody stopped the meeting during the attack (which was taking place 2-3 feet away from the speaker. My wife and I decided to leave after that. As we were walking out to our car we noticed the girl talking to the police, a few of us stopped to give the police our contact information in the event the need witnesses.
    Our support for updating downtown remains the same; however, after last nights happenings the council must find a different development company. That womans behavior was unacceptable and should not be tolerated! I hope that girl gets restitution for her damaged property and files charges against that woman for the assault.

  • anonymous

    Was this a city sponsored meeting? Was the Council present? Did the members of the Council/mayor speak to the public that was present?

  • lovergirl

    If assaults occured what did you do?
    Nobody should be filming without permission.
    When I asked the woman not GIRL filming what that was about she was very condescending.

  • anonymous

    “Nobody should be filming without permission”….wasn’t this a public meeting? Weren’t other members of the public “filming”?

  • calwatch

    No, they were at a church, not at council chambers, and as such the rules of the church apply.

  • anonymous

    Calwatch….can I assume that you are stating the meeting was not a public meeting simply because it was held at a privately owned building?

    Of course, the location does not define a public meeting under the law…..