Say goodbye to free street parking in West Covina

Have questions about the proposed parking ordinance that West Covina might impose? Well, the city prepared this on posted it on its Web site.

The parking ordinance discussion will resume on Tuesday, where the City Council will consider adopting the fee schedule as well as put its final stamp of approval on the language of the ordinance, which was first passed earlier this month.

City officials emphasized that this ordinance is designed to improve safety and remove blight, and that it is not a revenue producer. Officials also said that they have been receiving dozens of calls from residents over the past month regarding the ordinance. Some calls have been complaints, others have supported the ordinance, and others wondering where they should pay. (Also, there’s been a flier circulating out there in opposition to the flier. Has anyone seen it or can you email the flier to me at

According to the city, the proposal includes the following:

1. For residents and guests that need to park on the street for one night, single night permits would be available from automatic permit machines that would be located at secured locations, such as fire stations.

2. Annual overnight parking permits will be available to single-family and multi-family type complexes. However, residents must demonstrate there is insufficient on-site parking and that all vehicles are registered to the property.

3. Annual permits will not be issued for recreational vehicles. Recreational vehicle owners can purchase single night permits to load and unload.

Just to re-emphasize, the public hearing on Tuesday will be about how much to charge for the permits and the parking violations. The meeting, on Election Day, begins at 7 p.m.

  • Tom Ayers

    This overnight parking tax is just another way to generate revenue and take a little freedom from us residents. The City Counsel should just tell the truth for once and say they need the extra revenue. How would it be safer to park a vehicle overnight with a permit than without one? Will the permits scare off a burglar or car thief?? If the overnight parking permits have that much power, we should elect them to the City Counsel and really get something done without stretching the truth.

  • Anonymous

    any update on this?

  • gwl

    It passed but I haven’t received anymore info from the city.

  • Anonymous

    we should start a recall if they pass this one.

  • Anonymous

    BApril anonymous,

    What good will that do? Your city will still have a deficit, thus necessitating the raising of fees one way or another. You can, if you’d like, blame the council for some of the circumstances that have lead to the deficit. But, you can’t blame all of them on the council.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about MONEY…… The City is looking for ways to bring in more money and this is one of them.

  • Another way to generate a revenue indeed. Should getting permits give assurance to vehicle owners that their vehicles are safe in the parking curb area?