West Covina meeting tonight

Most of the reporting staff won’t be in until 2 p.m. today to cover the Election until the wee hours, although I will be in later to cover the West Covina City Council meeting.

I received several phone calls from residents who said things to the effect of they were “pissed off” that the city was imposing the parking ordinance, so I am anticipating a number of residents there tonight. Tonight, the council is expected to approve a fee schedule for overnight parking permits. The proposed violation cost is $50.

The City Council will also consider renewing its towing services contract with Royal Coaches for another five years so that the new contract includes costs for the city’s administrative fees. The current contract still has about two more years left. The city could also decide to take the contract out to bid, and since Jan’s Towing and Bob’s Towing sent letter inquiring about the contract, I’m sure those companies would much prefer an RFP process.

Also on the agenda is the consideration of hiring a Deputy City Manager, which will take place at a special meeting at 5:45 p.m. This person would replace Artie Fields, who left several months ago to take the city manager position in Salinas. This meeting, however, will not be open to the public, although any action taken will be reported at the City Council meeting.

The West Covina agenda is lengthy, so I would take a look at it yourself to make sure there isn’t anything that interests you.

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  • This isn’t directed specifically at West Covina, but:

    One of the frustrations about government is that people want contradictory things. They want to be able to park *their* car on the street, but they complain there are too many other cars parked on the street; they don’t like their neighbors’ building additions, but they don’t see why they should need a permit for a garage conversion; they want more travel lanes on their roads but don’t want to give up on-street parking or allow the government to buy front yards to allow the expansion.

    It’s hard enough for elected officials to make these necessary tradeoffs when your council is composed of cooperative statesmen. It’s impossible when some of your council is more concerned with reelection than good government.

  • WC Resident

    The problem in West Covina is that the Council responds
    to a few “select” individuals especially developers and contractors. It is very similar to other cities in the region but our Council seems to listen to them first and foremost. Through the years various counicils have allowed for more and even denser development with very little on site parking. Now the residents are over flowing on to the streets. is this the residents fault?

  • wc resident

    Right on Todd K!