Surpising election results

There were some suprising results out of the water district elections. Three incumbents were ousted from their seats:

Three Valleys Municipal Water District
John Mendoza Votes: 7,833 Percent : 55.52
JW “Fred” Lantz Votes: 6,315 Percent: 44.48 (Incumbent)

Mendoza was also running for Pomona City Coucil. Lantz served on the board since 2000.

Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, Division 2
Charles Trevino Votes: 15,615 Percent: 44.45
Clarence Wong Votes: 9,214 Percent: 26.23
Frank Forbes Votes: 7,138 Percent: 20.32 (Incumbent)
Arthur Munos Votes: 3,165 Percent: 9.01

Incumbent Frank Forbes, 84, sat on the board for 16 years. Trevino previously served on the Central Basin Water District and now works for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, Division 2
Ed Chavez Votes: 18,653 Percent: 53.04
Leon Garcia Votes: 12,221 Percent: 34.75 (Incumbent)
Lizet Angulo Votes: 4,297 Percent: 12.22

Leon Garcia, who was appointed to the board in 2005 and then was elected in 2006, was ousted by former Assemblyman Ed Chavez.

To get final election results, go here.

  • Anonymous

    Not so surprising. In all three contests for the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, at least, the Republican-leaning members/candidates that were endorsed by your newspaper were defeated.

  • Anonymous

    you fool, water is not a partisan issue.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! That’s funny. Then why did all the Democratic elcted officials endorsed one set of water board members, and all the Republican officials endorse another?

  • Happy Anonymous

    Congratulations Mr. Ed Chavez and welcome to the San Gabriel Water District and probably with the help of member Robinson you can try to clean up the welfare paradise that has been going on in that District for a long time, but remember you are going to face DR. Tony Fellow with 20 College degrees but he forgot to get the one to identify his partners with honesty with the water board and also as a El Monte Council Member…

  • Anonymous

    I can’t speak for why certain Parties endorse one person over another but I can tell you there’s very little about water that’s partisan….it’s pretty cut and dry.