Chu endorsement tally

Board of Equalization Chairwoman Judy Chu seems to be swiping up the endorsements as she campaigns for the Congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Hilda Solis. 

The press release below notes that Assemblyman Mike Eng — Chu’s husband — is endorsing her. The press release also points out that she received support from council members — “many of them Latino” — in the SGV. Could that be a jab at Sen. Gil Cedillo, who is also vying for the seat?

I got this press release earlier today:

Dr. Judy Chu Announces Slew of Local Endorsements
Overwhelming Support Adds Momentum to Congressional Campaign

Dr. Judy Chu, Vice Chair of the California State Board of Equalization
and candidate for the 32nd Congressional District Seat being vacated
by Labor Secretary Designate Hilda Solis, announced today her
endorsement by nearly 70 elected officials representing the cities,
school districts and water boards of the 32nd District.

“I want to thank these local officials for their overwhelming
support,” said Judy Chu. “They understand that there is no other
candidate in this race that knows the people of the 32nd Congressional
District better than I do. I am part and parcel of this district,
having taught students at East Los Angeles College for 13 years, and
the people of the district have trusted me to be their leader by
electing me as their representative 9 times over the past 23 years.”

So far, Judy has been officially endorsed by the entire City Councils
of El Monte and West Covina
, the two largest cities in the district,
as well as all five members of the South El Monte City Council. In
addition, she has secured the support of a majority of Council members
many of them Latino – from most of the 15 cities in the 32nd
District, including Azusa, Baldwin Park, Duarte, Monterey Park and

“Dr. Chu’s support among the vast majority of the 32nd District’s
Latino elected officials reflects her reputation as an effective
coalition builder, and shows that she understands the issues that
matter most to the district’s ethnically diverse community,” said
Assemblymember Ed Hernandez, D-West Covina, who has endorsed Judy. “I
believe she is the best person to represent the San Gabriel Valley in

Judy’s avalanche of support from the cities of the 32nd District adds
to the considerable momentum her campaign has gained since she first
declared her intention to run for the seat on Dec. 22. In addition to
Assemblymember Hernandez, Judy has been endorsed by Assemblymen Kevin
De Leon and Mike Eng, who along with Hernandez represent most of the
district’s residents at the state level, as well as nearly 30 of the
area’s school board and water board members.



  • No one bill gil

    Dear Senator Cedillo, why our community? You don’t live here, even local pols are not endorsing you unless they are “Latino” only voters. Do yourself a favor and save your money and run in your OWN community. Looking at endorsments Judy Chu outnumbers you 15:1 in elected officals. Read between the lines.

  • SGv resident

    Regarding the endorsements for Chu by San Gabriel Valley Council Members, I believe Chu’s husband is a representative for those cities. Whether they want to endorse her or not to take Solis position, its in their best interest to endorse her.

    They do not really have a choice.

    Good old politics.

    As for Cedillo, its true he should run in his own community. He will probably have more luck there.

  • Chu will win!

    Dr. Chu has decades of time working will all ethnic groups in the San Gabriel Valley. Dr. Chu has helped our communities when she was our Assembly Representative and she always was concerned about the issues facing Latinos such as Immigration Reform, Worker’s Rights, and Healthcare. As Cedillo campaign continues to use race card as a wedge issue during this campaign, those of us who have been rooted in the San Gabriel Valley know that Dr. Chu is the best choice. As for Cedillo, I like you, but you should have had more visability in the SG Valley. You should have passed the 710 freeway once in a while and got to know the people that you wish to represent in Congress!