UPDATE: Some local pols support Cedillo


So who does Sen. Gil Cedillo, who is running against Board of Equalization Chairwoman Judy Chu for Congress, have on his side? Here’s a list of his endorsements.

Among the local pols supporting him are:

City of Monterey Park
Mayor Benjamin “Frank” Venti

City of Baldwin Park
Mayor Manuel Lozano* (He is also supporting Chu)
Council Member Marlen Garcia

City of Irwindale
Mayor Larry Burrola* (Also endorsing Chu)
Mayor Pro Tem Manuel Ortiz

City of La Puente
Council Member John Solis

City of Duarte
Council Member Phil Reyes

El Monte Union High School District
Board Member Carlos Salcedo
Board Member Salvador Ramirez

Azusa Unified School District
Clerk Xilonin Cruz-Gonzalez

  • snicker hahaha

    This is a little something I found on Judy Chu’s Website

    Wendy Greuel, Los Angeles City Councilmember
    Jan Perry, Los Angeles City Councilmember
    Dennis Zine, Los Angeles City Councilmember
    Barbara Messina, Alhambra Mayor
    Steve Placido, Alhambra Vice Mayor
    Luis Ayala, Alhambra City Councilmember
    Stephen Sham, Alhambra City Councilmember
    Gary Yamauchi, Alhambra City Councilmember
    Joseph Joe Rocha, Azusa Mayor
    Angel Carrillo, Azusa Mayor Pro Tem
    Robert Gonzales, Azusa City Councilmember
    Uriel Macias, Azusa City Councilmember
    Manuel Lozano, Baldwin Park Mayor
    Anthony Bejarano, Baldwin Park City Councilmember
    Monica Garcia, Baldwin Park Mayor Pro Tem
    Ricardo Pacheco, Baldwin Park City Councilmember
    David Olivas, former Baldwin Park City Councilmember
    Joseph Cho, Cerritos City Councilmember
    Peggy DeLach, Covina City Councilmember
    John King, Covina City Councilmember
    Rosie Fabian, Covina City Clerk
    John Fasana, Duarte Mayor
    Margaret Finlay, Duarte Mayor Pro Tem
    Lois Gaston, Duarte City Councilmember
    Tzeitel Paras-Caracci, Duarte City Councilmember
    Ernest Gutierrez, El Monte Mayor
    Art Barrios, El Monte City Councilmember
    Juventino Jay Gomez, El Monte Mayor Pro Tem
    Emily Ishigaki, El Monte City Councilmember
    Pat Wallach, El Monte City Councilmember
    Lorene Gutierrez, El Monte City Clerk
    Louie Lujan, Mayor, La Puente
    Dan Holloway, La Puente Mayor Pro Tem
    Nadia Mendoza, La Puente City Council
    David Lau, Monterey Park City Councilmember
    Sharon Martinez, Monterey Park City Councilmember
    Anthony Wong, Monterey Park City Councilmember
    David Barron, Monterey Park City Clerk
    Joseph Leon, Monterey Park City Treasurer
    John Tran, Rosemead Mayor
    Polly Low, Rosemead City Councilmember
    John Nunez, Rosemead Mayor Pro Tem
    Harry Baldwin, San Gabriel Mayor
    Juli Costanzo, San Gabriel Vice Mayor
    David Gutierrez, San Gabriel City Councilmember
    Albert Huang, San Gabriel City Councilmember
    Kevin Sawkins, San Gabriel City Councilmember
    Blanca Figueroa, South El Monte Mayor
    Hector Delgado, South El Monte City Councilmember
    Louie Aguinaga, South El Monte City Councilmember
    Angelica Garcia, South El Monte City Councilmember
    Joseph Gonzales, South El Monte City Councilmember
    Mike Ten, South Pasadena City Councilmember
    Mary Su, Walnut City Councilmember
    Roger Hernandez, West Covina Mayor
    Shelley Sanderson, West Covina Mayor Pro Tem
    Sherri Lane, West Covina City Councilmember
    Steve Herfert, West Covina City Councilmember
    Mike Touhey, West Covina City Councilmember
    Jeffrey Prang, West Hollywood Mayor

    Monica Garcia, Los Angeles Unified School District Board Member
    Mona Field, Los Angeles Community College Trusteer
    Nancy Pearlman, Los Angeles Community College Trustee
    Miguel Santiago, Los Angeles Community College Trustee
    Mark Pulido, ABC Unified School District Board President
    Jane Anderson, Alhambra Unified School District Board Member
    Adele Andrade-Stadler, Alhambra Unified School District Board Member
    Chester Chau, Alhambra Unified School District Board Member
    Bob Gin, Alhambra Unified School District Board Member
    Pat Mackintosh, Alhambra Unified School District Board Member
    Burke Hamilton, Azusa Unified School District Board Member
    Paul Solano, Bassett Unified School District Board President
    Bob Fuentes, Bassett Unified School District Board Member
    Laura Santos, Bassett Unified School District Board Member
    Karina Moreno, Bassett Unified School District Board Member
    Barbara Boyd, Bassett Unified School District Board Member
    Robert J. Cruz, Charter Oak Unified School District Board Member
    Mike Barrios, El Monte City School District Board Member
    Bob Bruesch, Garvey School Board Member
    Irene Flores, Garvey School Board Member
    Henry Lo, Garvey School Board Member
    John Yuen, Garvey School Board Member
    Jay Chen, Hacienda-La Puente Unified School District Board Member
    Gerri Guzman, Montebello Unified School District Board President
    Ed Chau, Montebello Unified School District
    John Garcia, Mountain View School District Board Member
    Robert Hidalgo, Rowland Unified School District Board President
    Scott Svonkin, San Gabriel Unified School District
    Rudy Martinez, Valle Lindo School Board Member President
    Ruth Gonzales, Valle Lindo School Board Member
    Richard Angel, Valle Lindo School Board Member
    David Del Rio, Valle Lindo School Board Member
    Gloria Olmos, Valle Lindo School Board Member
    Yvonne Garcia, La Puente Valley County Water District Board President
    John Leung, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board Member
    Joseph Reichenberger, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board Member
    Anthony Fellow, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board Member
    Mariana Lake, Valley County Water Board President
    David Sano, Valley County Water Board Member
    Jonathan Contreras, Valley County Water Board Member
    Lillian Kawasaki, Water Replenishment District of Southern California Board Member

  • Disgruntled Latino

    Dear Senator Cedillo,
    As a lifelong resident of the San Gabriel Valley I cast my votes for people who seem to run for public offices for the right reasons, and Im sure many others do the same. You do know why you are getting a few of these elected officials endorsements right? Knowing only two of these people (on your list) I can tell you there are still people that live here who believe that this Congressional seat should still be held by a Latino. I too, a Latino, learned after the election of Barack Obama elected officials would put that aside. However, you sir by your website still seem to be stuck in the Pre-Obama ideology. This seat is NOT Tailor Made for You! (Your Press Release) this seat is tailor made for a person who is FROM the district, a person who is has represented this district. Not an Egotistical Carpetbagging Career Politician. Though I have not made up my mind for who I will vote for, I definitely will not vote for a person such as yourself. What happened to Congressman Xavier Becerras seat you had your eyes on? Since he didnt want to take an Appoint from the Obama team you decided to pick the next available seat? Good God, I respected you for Latino issues but seeing how your campaign in operating I just cant respect you anymore as a politician.

  • Chu will win!!!

    Dr. Chu has decades of time working will all ethnic groups in the San Gabriel Valley. Dr. Chu has helped our communities when she was our Assembly Representative and she always was concerned about the issues facing Latinos such as Immigration Reform, Worker’s Rights, and Healthcare. As Cedillo campaign continues to use race card as a wedge issue during this campaign, those of us who have been rooted in the San Gabriel Valley know that Dr. Chu is the best choice. As for Cedillo, I like you, but you should have had more visability in the SG Valley. You should have crossed the 710 freeway once in a while and got to know the people that you wish to represent in the 32nd District.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I had no idea that 1) Chu had lined up so many endorsements, and 2) Cedillo had not. What is he thinking? Clearly, he’s going to get this butt handed to him. Chu’s got better name recognition. Chu’s got more and better endorsements. Chu’s got a broader and deeper fundraising base. Chu has a better organization (particuarly with the L.A. County Federation of Labor and SEIU endorsements). I’d say the only thing Chu needs to fear is overconfidence.

  • Anonymous

    All this is nonsense… THIS IS A LATINO DISTRICT AND IT IS FOR LATINOS ONLY. IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR REPRESENTATION YOU CAN MOVE OUT. CALDERON ran against owen newcomer and was quoted something along the lines that if you are not latino you don’t have a chance!

  • Ian Jones

    Senator Cedillo has no business running for office in the 32nd CD. He is especially ill suited to represent the eastern portion of the district. I wonder seriously if the Senator has ever been to or is aware of the needs of the residents of Covina, West Covina, or Azusa. Any educated individual will know that the needs of such a large district change. What East Los Angeles requires is different from what the East San Gabriel Valley cities require. Only those who have or currently represent these areas are truly qualified to address these needs.

    The senator is gravely mistaken if he believes that he can use race as a wedge issue to win election to Congress. I do not think that he gives enough credit to the voters of this district. And apparently neither does our own state senator, Gloria Romero. Her blatant insult to her constituents by endorsing this carpet bagger will be long remembered when she runs for her next higher office.

    All voters of this CD, regardless of your ethnicity should, and I believe will, reject Senator Cedillo’s attempt to divide our communities. Senator Cedillo, stay at home. If you want to go to Congress that bad, run in your own district! We do not want you here.

  • Open government


    Our world is filled with some pretty horrible racist people. You shout from the roof tops you will only vote for a Latino…. how racist is that. You don’t want to be treated unfairly as a Latino, but don’t think twice about disrespecting other races in the process.

    Besides, you cannot guarantee someone that may appear white is not Latin… it’s the best person for the job no matter what color their skin… but this “you owe me” society will continue as long as people continue to choose based on what race they THINK someone is.

    Chu may not be Latin but she seems to have the support of the so called Latin area….

  • El Monte Resident

    Those clowns from the city of El Monte will endorse anyone who supports the El Monte Police Department.

    Carlos Saucedo and Salvador Ramirez are Ken Weldon’s puppets. All they want to do is pass bonds and raise our tax bill to pay for their pet projects.

    Screw those nut jobs.

    John Solis from La Puente is a no-body!

    Phil Reyes is a thumb in his own city!

    Judy Chu has my support!

  • One Bill Gil

    I just noticed on Cedillo’s campaign site that he received the endorsement of the California Legislative Latino Caucus – a caucus he chairs – I wonder how he got that endorsement? Even though he got the endorsement, he still has failed to gain the support of all of the Caucus members. Does this guy have any clout at all???

  • SGV Watcher

    I saw from Cedillo’s web site that he received the endorsement of the California Legislative Latino Caucus. Of course he fails to mention that he is chair of that same caucus. Hmmm, I wonder how he picked up that endorsement?

    Despite the endorsement, several members of the Latino caucus have already endorsed Judy Chu. Does Cedillo have any clue that he is already drowning?

  • Anonymous

    Count: Judy Chu five (5) trillion to
    Gil Cedillo ten (10).

    This is acutually the count according to local polls.(Ten)

    Can these ten insignificant politicians say pay back.

    I have actually never heard of the majority of these individuals execept for the people from Baldwin Park, and that’s because of all the media coverage about there development.

  • Downtown Insider

    Brethren of the SGV,

    Many of these local officials (some of who may one day seek higher political office) are endorsing Judy, a nice woman with decent qualifications, not so much for what she stands for, but more so because they are very afraid of the wrath of Mayor Villaraigosa.

    Villaraigosa has a way with dealing with those who cross him or don’t support his issues or candidates.

    Political insiders know that Villaraigosa and his L. A. labor cronies (also afraid of the mayor) are the catalyst behind Judy’s campaign.

    If Judy wins, there will be expectations. She will not let the Mayor down. I guarantee you, the City of Los Angeles will not play second fiddle. Especially to the the SGV.

    Federal fund distribution?

    Highway monies?

    Los Angeles or the SGV…We don’t stand a chance.

    Food for thought…..

  • SGV Outsider

    Not very sophisticated food for thought, Mr. Insider. Incumbents don’t lose, unless they do something illegal or offend their constituents. If Chu wins and stays in office, it’ll be because of SGV voters.

    Besides, it’s not as if Romero (who went out of her way to oppose Chu) is known for her forgiving nature. Isn’t anyone afraid of offending the senate majority leader and the next superintendent of education? Also, I think Villaraigosa needs big labor a lot more than they need him. Villaraigosa is termed out. He’s a lame duck unless he can overcome his own self-destructive nature and win another office. He’s not going to do that without the help of labor.

  • Anonymous


    It was not meant to be sophisticated. In fact, it is pretty basic. Antonio is the “party prince” and if you don’t believe that, you truly are the “Outsider”. Believe me, there is not one latino public official who is overly concerned with pissing off Romero.

    Lame duck…..How dare you defame our next Governor.

    Additionally, you stand corrected, Chu is not the congressional incumbent. She, like Cedillo, currently holds a state office position.

    In closing, I must say your spin is rather slanted. Are we to assume that Romero “went out of her way to oppose Chu” rather than identifying and backing a candidate who she felt would best serve the district.

  • SGV Outsider

    From her original announcement that she was going to pursue the House seat (you remember–when she figuratively grabbed the mic from Cedillo on the Senate floor, did her little drive-by: “I can beat them all,” then ran off?) through to her quotes in the recent Los Angeles Times story, Romero has come off sounding like a petulant little drama queen. I seriously doubt the welfare of the voters in the district played any role in her decision to run for or not run for Congress. Why would anyone think the welfare of the voters figured in her endorsement?

    “Additionally,” there is no need for me to “stand corrected.” I never said Chu was the incumbent. I think the fact that this race is contingent on Hilda Solis getting confirmed as Labor Secretary should have tipped you off that everyone reading this *knows* Chu is not the incumbent. I said *if* she wins the congressional race. It was in direct response to the “If Judy wins, there will be expectations” comment, in the post immediately above my own. Please, do try to keep up.

    By the way: “Not one latino (sic) public official”? Believe you? You’ve talked to all of them, have you? Wow, you certainly are an impressive individual. Very sophisticated. You must read all of the newspapers, too. Yep, just like Governor Palin.

  • Anonymous


    “Incumbents don’t lose, unless they do something illegal or offend their constituents” was your quote. We are supposed to surmise that you were talking about somebody other than Judy? Read your stuff before you hit the send button.

    Additionally, I am sure you talked to everyone who read your post and they were all “tipped” off and should have known that Judy was “not the incumbent”. Give me a break.

    You slipped up. Admit it and move on.

  • SGV Outsider

    Well, you see, there’s this thing called, “context.” Most readers have an attention span long enough to recall more than one sentence at a time (Clearly you do not, but I’m sure you’re a very special individual, and God loves you). So the sentence immediately after “Incumbents don’t lose. . .” says, “If Chu wins. . .”

    Now, let’s try to break this down logically, shall we? “IF Chu wins,” THEN she’d be the incumbent. And, it follows, at that point, she would not have to worry about the wrath of Villaraigosa because “Incumbents don’t lose.”

    And that is why your claim (If Chu wins, she’d kow-tow to Los Angeles and Villaraigosa in a way that Cedillo would not) makes no sense.


  • Anonymous

    SGV Outsider,

    Get the marbles out of your mouth. You would be easier to understand.

  • SGV Outsider

    Or, alternatively, you could get the marbles out of your head. . . .

  • Anonymous

    Sgv outside > the anon with reading comp issues.

    Great points sgvo. And as an sgv insider, I agree with you completely on the villa stuff.

    But, at least chu is a local, and because she isn’t latino, she’ll have to work that much harder to stay re-elected in the sgv, which can be a good thing.

    Many of the latino dems know they are fairly untouchable with the gerrymandered districts, and only pay lip service to their constituents. Maybe chu will be forced to do more for the sgv to remain in office.

  • Jose Mejia

    You guys are missing the Chavez factor!!! Splitting the Latino vote, and the “Im in my 40’s and still live with my parents” vote. Forget Cedillo, Chu, and the rest. I want Chavez! I “offical” give my vote to him and am proud to be one of his “supports”!

  • Yankee Bravo

    Funny post, Jose. Yeah, that Chavez press release probably said more about his (lack of) qualifications for the office than he intended! 😀

    Feb 4 Anon: Good points. The district demographics might help keep Chu on her toes.


    Im a “teasher”!

  • Jose Mejia

    So I’m going through the Ed Hernandez posting for Senate blog at for some reason I think it’s really Ed Chavez being a big baby and trash talking the good Doctor. Anways, Ed Chavez for Congress!!! Where it’s cool to live with your parents and be bankrupt in your 40’s!!!!

  • Deborah Read

    I’m having second thoughts about Cedillo. He has Duarte Councilman Phil Reyes endorsing him. Doesn’t he know about Reyes’ past?

  • Valley Resident

    Judy Chu is the best bet. She has the experience and knows the San Gabriel Valley’s needs. Cedillo needs to stay in L.A. He doesn’t even live in the district. Who exactly does he think he is fooling?

  • Anonymous

    I support Judy Chu. She is fine and oh so sexy.

    Cedillo? Not so much