Rumors of Azusa’s Target demise have been greatly exaggerated, councilman says

Just got done talking to Councilman Keith Hanks and got the 411 on the new Azusa Target.

Word on the street was the development was suddenly in doubt, possibly on its way to being scratched. Most of the sources on this aren’t exactly trustworthy, but the fear exists and has been perpetrated nonetheless.

Hanks informed me, as City Manager Fran Delach did the same at last night’s council meeting, that the project’s start date has been delayed. But at the same time, the completion date and opening date remains the same, Hanks said.

“We hoped to close escrow the first of the year, but then the economy melted down,” Hanks said.

It was probably Target just taking necessary precautions and waiting a bit longer on the economy before pushing the project forward, Hanks said. Even with that, he had no fears of the project coming to fruition.