NFL stadium update through Diamond Bar lense

I got this update from a Diamond Bar resident about the city’s meeting last night. The hot topic: the NFL stadium.

Here’s the letter:

“I attended my city council meeting in Diamond Bar.

The attendance was overwhelming and surprisingly filled with those IN SUPPORT of the Stadium project slated to be constructed in the City of Industry.

The council took two hours of comments under “public comments” portion of the meeting. All councilmembers took attentive notes with seriousness and appreciated the imput from the public. Then, several councilmembers reminded the public that they, city staff and others are acutely aware of the project’s impact towards Diamond Bar.

The Fire Department and Sheriffs Department was present to maintain order. It was possible that the Fire Department was present due to the large flow of audience, which caused an overflow for concern of the capacity of those in the room.

Nevertheless, it was one of the most important meetings that the council had in years regarding the Stadium controversy. For those have been regulars at Diamond Bar City Council meetings concurred that they have never seen such meeting crowded, besides swearing-in new councilmembers or Mayor rotation. You were lucky to find a seat, if you arrived late, but several Sheriff Deputies were very helpful to coordinate by finding mpty seats for late arrivals.

Furthermore, it appeared that there were few official’s from Majestic watching the meeting proceedings and thanked those for attending as the evening progressed.”