NFL stadium update through Diamond Bar lense

I got this update from a Diamond Bar resident about the city’s meeting last night. The hot topic: the NFL stadium.

Here’s the letter:

“I attended my city council meeting in Diamond Bar.

The attendance was overwhelming and surprisingly filled with those IN SUPPORT of the Stadium project slated to be constructed in the City of Industry.

The council took two hours of comments under “public comments” portion of the meeting. All councilmembers took attentive notes with seriousness and appreciated the imput from the public. Then, several councilmembers reminded the public that they, city staff and others are acutely aware of the project’s impact towards Diamond Bar.

The Fire Department and Sheriffs Department was present to maintain order. It was possible that the Fire Department was present due to the large flow of audience, which caused an overflow for concern of the capacity of those in the room.

Nevertheless, it was one of the most important meetings that the council had in years regarding the Stadium controversy. For those have been regulars at Diamond Bar City Council meetings concurred that they have never seen such meeting crowded, besides swearing-in new councilmembers or Mayor rotation. You were lucky to find a seat, if you arrived late, but several Sheriff Deputies were very helpful to coordinate by finding mpty seats for late arrivals.

Furthermore, it appeared that there were few official’s from Majestic watching the meeting proceedings and thanked those for attending as the evening progressed.”

  • db resident

    I watched the DB council meeting, and was also surprised by large number of people who spoke in favor of the stadium. However, I shouldn’t really be that surprised as the developer is a master of PR. While there did seem to be some folks genuinely for the stadium, most of the others seem to follow scripted lines. Some of these comments came straight out of the flyers that Majestic has been blasting our mailboxes with. I really wonder of those that spoke for the stadium, how many have direct or indirect ties to Majestic or other special interests like land owners around the site. Majestic’s offices are surrounded by Walnut and DB. Given it’s huge size, surely many of their employees live in DB. Are people who spoke in favor these very same people?

  • Karen

    This is the worst thing that could happened to the city of Diamond Bar. I haved lived in this city for 10 years and the reason I moved here was because the great community and school district. Who in there right mind would want a stadium near here that would bring more traffic, pollution, crime, drugs and fans getting drunk. Not to mention all the noise from the games and fireworks. Everyone should also be praying that they don’t bring the Raiders because they have the most voilent fans. I’M AM COMPLETLY AGAINST THE BUILDING OF THIS STADIUM AND IF IT HAPPENS I WILL BE MOVING OUT THIS AREA.

  • Jim

    I agree with Karen. The reason the City Council meeting was so crowded was that there were so many there against the stadium. It would have a huge impact on our city. Unfortunately, the powerful interests of Majestic Realty and the City of Industry are able to easily gather supporters of the stadium to lobby on its behalf. They sent 7-8 glossy flyers around to all the neighboring cities touting the benefits of the stadium and how it will even save our children. Grassroots efforts against the stadium struggle to compete–it takes hours to knock on 1000 doors and only a few minutes to blanket the area with pro stadium propaganda. Moneyed-interests have the upper hand in this so-called democracy.

  • Glenn Yee

    Watching the animals after the lakers game… and they won, I can imagine what they do when they lose. Where are the cowardly lapd? So you want a stadium. Let’s bring the disorderly conduct from los angeles to the bedroom community of Diamond Bar and Walnut. Fires and destruction of private property. The’ll be plenty of make work in the following weeks to repair the damage. A stadium in Diamond Bar/Walnut…who’s getting their palm greased?