Diamond Bar politicians ‘go after everything’

Diamond Bar is celebrating its 20th birthday, and during that time, politicians have been playing hard-ball, Bethania Palma Markus reports.

Former Councilwoman Eileen Ansari, who served on the council from 1993 to 2001, has first-hand experience, as do many who have run for City Council.

“They were saying I went to Pakistan and went to meet with al Qaeda,” she said of a City Council election she lost eight yeas ago. “They go after people’s kids. They go after everything.”

  • Anonymous

    Pomona lost a great legislator in Ansari. They played dirty politics with this woman. The lies that were made up about her were the worst ever. They should of been fared and feathered for such horrific lies. It was hard to believe that the voters in Pomona were that stupit. They are certainly not the brightest, that’s for sure.