Back to her roots


Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis will be returning to her alma mater on Saturday — La Puente High School — to talk to community members about education and her accomplishments.

Solis is the first Hispanic Labor Secretary and the first Latina cabinet member of any presidential administration. She also has deep roots in the SGV, as a graduate of local secondary schools and colleges.

It should be a big turnout. Wonder if any of the dozen people running for her former Congressional seat will be there?

  • Taxpayer

    I hope she came back to pay her delinquent taxes.

  • Mayor Figueroa

    I am very proud of Secretary of Labor Holda Solis. She has become a positive role model for many of our youths. Her dedication and committment in moving forward with the peoples agenda. She will do a great job in the position as our Secretary of Labor. I wish her well in Washington.

  • Day labor

    I hope she came back to take all the illegal day laborers with her. She seems to think that we need them here and enjoy paying our tax dollars to take care of them and educate their illegal kids. This country needs more non paying tax people like her own family.

  • Anonymous

    Hilda Solis has made a big differance for all people. She has the edcation and common sence to cut to the chase. She has the know how and back ground. Her experience will help address the need for more jobs and job retention for all working families. She will help make a profound difference in Washington.

  • Mr. Hall Covina

    Hilda Solis will help create more jobs for working families. Her experiance and back ground will help address many issues and problems. We trust in this lady to do right by the people across America. The best of luck to her in Washington.