• Anonymous

    The gang of four is next…..

  • EM Employee & resident

    Okay bitter Wallach supporter you mean the gang of five are next!
    This dumb*** is just as responsible as the other 4 dumb asses!

    This year, Barrios, Gomez, & Guitierrez are out

    and in 2 more years the bickering hags are gone too! AMEN!!!

  • Another resident

    and who is going to replace them? Norma Macias…financed by the EMPOA? and Ishigaki is running against Gutierrez for Mayor…also financed by EMPOA. No one else can afford to run. Honest people aren’t going to get funding from the cops.

  • StandUp&Fight


    Tell the candidates you WILL NOT vote for anyone who has taken money from

    The cops

    A developer

    A trash hauler


    Come to the next City Council meeting and REMIND THE COUNCIL THEY WORK FOR YOU, NOT FOR THEM.

  • Every Councilmember should be concernced….

    Every single council member unanimously supported Transit Village. You should have heard how proud Pat was to support this project. So don’t be pointing any fingers. Lets wait to see if Mr. Amezcua the guy with the DUI’s decides to run again.

    The city has been run by incompetence and its crumbling down. One of you haters should step up to the plate to prove them wrong if you have the courage too.

  • StandUp&Fight



    1. Developers

    2. Cop unions

    3. Trash Haulers.


  • Mutiny

    WHAT!!! Suspected of forgery, embezzlement, grand theft, burglary and fraud!!! And now the DA wont even press charges!!! Hmmm could this have anything to do with John Leung/Titan Group being one of Judy Chus healthiest contribution donors? Could it be at least remotely possible that a fat chunk of the over 1 million embezzled money went to Judy Chus campaign? Looks like favors are being thrown left and right, I scratch (fund) your back and you get me out of jail free card.

  • nothing new

    RE Frank Amezcua being a drunk:

    That is nothing new! Just ask his neighbors ( he has not moved he still lives with his parents) individuals in little league and members of the church he and his family go to.
    He is another version of Ernie (only younger)!

    The scary part is he running for council again! He will continue Ernie’s drunken legacy, if he wins. With 5 greedy council members that residents want out, he has a good chance of winning this election or in 2 years.

    Residents get your video cameras ready ! Only this time instead of going to council first put it on youtube. But this drunken moron is better than any of the stupid thieves we have now.

    As for make a pledge for not voting for council members who take money from developers, cop unions, trash haulers – The current council (all 5) jay, pat, emily, barrios, and ernie are all guilty of taking money, gifts, favors, etc. from them.
    You also forgot to include employee unions and fire unions!
    These organizations just as city council members are looking out for their own interest. Unfortunately, tax payers pay for it!

  • Anonymous

    Mutiny is very good at innuendo and distortion–clearly a Republican.

    Here’s the funny part: When a candidate actually has a chance to win, thousands of people will contribute. The odds are always that one or two of them will turn out to be bad apples. Big deal: That doesn’t make the recipient dirty.

    Leong gave Judy, what, 1/25th of one percent of her total contributions? BFD.

  • hey anonymous

    Does not make him dirty, but we can’t have another Ernie here in El Monte making ass out of himself and the City and then have tax payers money to cover up the mess.

    When Ernie was elected, many knew he was a drunk. They just did not know he was a corrupt drunk.

    So what if I am a Republican! I will vote for you jolly Frank (even if you are democractic …whew) I will vote for anyone that can get these current council members out of City Hall. It is just a shame that all 5 of them are not running in November, so we can kick all of their sorry asses to the trash. NO REPEAT!!! NO REPEAT!!

  • Anonymous


    NO ON ERNIE (Speaks for itself)
    NO ON EMILY (POA mouthpiece)
    NO ON NORMA MACIAS (same as above)
    NO ON JAY (unless he gets off the fence)
    NO ON AMEZCUA (if what you say is true)


  • Another anonymous

    Don’t forget:
    NO ON RICHARD THOMAS (ex-cop, renting a house across the street from Weldon, collecting over $100,000/year from a city pension)

  • anonymous

    Richard Thomas (Weldon’s right hand man) he even leaves across the street from him…Currently Retired on $120,000.00 a year thanks to his Master Weldon that was giving the orders to the Council…First Weldon wanted to run for City Treasurer and he found that he does not know anything about numbers and now Thomas wants to take his place but the problem is that he is making $120,00.00 a year Pension paid by us the Taxpayers, that comes to $10,000.00 a month while most of our Retired Citizens are surving on $10,000.00 a Year and some Council Members and these 2 guys say they know the meaning of the word Compasion…

  • anonymous blue

    Weldon has some power in this city but he does not run the show here in El Monte … its Clayton.

    Just ask Emily, Ernie,James , and Clark who they take orders from. Aren’t they all members of his stupid, self-promoting foundation? Clayton does not even live in El Monte, he just stole from it. And these puppets made it easier for him to do it.

  • Anon

    NO ON JAY (he needs to do what is right for the city, not what is right for those groups – police and fire – that he wants contributions and endorsements from this November).




  • Anonymous

    Jay has no back bone. He always plays it safe. He as no leadership skills or integrity what’s so ever. He walks that thin line. Remember he works for a supervisor so he has to watch his trap. He should of never run for office. As a Latino he is a “coconut.”He needs to be replaced with someone else.He is part of the blame for this kaodic economic disaster in El Monte. We don’t need this joker back in city hall.

  • anonymous

    I see only 16 comments and with these numbers we can not get too far next November Elections. We need to spread the word around the City and I know is not easy but if you want results, it is the only way…Enough is Enough 20 years of Manipulation and Salaries and Pensions out of control with the Chief of Police dictating the numbers and iam talking about Weldon and before…..

  • Anonymous

    Finally, please claim bankruptcy!!!! City officials (Mussenden)and some other departments HEADS have been claiming bankruptcy will kill the city and do more harm than help. What they don’t want is some outside third party coming in, taking over the books and seeing where all the money has gone, where it is at and how much city officials are really getting paid, with their secret extras, special retirement accounts and so forth.

    Thin Blue Line, you nailed it on the head. Why doesnt Mussenden make the real hard decisions, like laying off the people at the top who have more than 30 years in and can retire instead of the working class at the bottom. With the PD down to 125 sworn (another officer just left for Chino PD) and the civilian complement twindling away, do away with the assistant chief position. He could easily burn away his vac,sick,admin time to use up the last 6 months, retire as assistant chief pay and leave! Then eliminate the spot. The PD is not big enough to have one anymore. That would be at least $250,000 saving with pay and benefits. The PD has 3 captains too!!! Do away with one. Don’t need it.

    Can’t wait for the state to come in and fix the mess El Monte put itself in. Sell property, cut Mussenden’s salary (makes over $250,000) and the PD chief’s too, and stop giving away millions to redevelopment! The city just can’t afford that right now. Maybe even cut out the not so known about 3% PARS retirement select uppper PD management
    get. Didn’t know that, did you????? I’m sure thats a heck of a savings.