La Verne councilman found not guilty

Steven Johnson not guilty, jury finds…

La Verne councilman found not guilty
By Daniel Tedford, Staff Writer
Posted: 06/30/2009 11:51:08 AM PDT

WEST COVINA – A jury has found a La Verne councilman not guilty of conflict of interest charges, court officials said.

Steven Johnson was on trial in connection with a 2007 vote concerning the University of La Verne expansion and master plan.

Johnson owns property and a business near the university and a satellite office. State law prohibits council members from voting on matters in which they would benefit from an outcome.
Often referred to as the “one penny” rule, members are advised not to vote on projects within 500 feet of their property, even if it benefits them by only one penny.

The jury returned its verdict after four days of testimony and deliberation.

Johnson faced a maximum penalty of a $10,000 fine, 6 months in jail and not being able to run for reelection to the city council.

  • hogwart

    The real jury will render its decision at the ballot box.

    Shame on Johnson and shame on the DA for wasting tax payers money losing the case.

  • David Evans

    Johnson does not care about the people of La Verne! He cares about getting his thoughts and ideas into the mainstreasm. That is why he broke the law and voted the way he did! He loves getting the attention that comes from opposing the real members of the city council and Mayor who dod care about the people of La Verne. Thats why all the 4-1 votes and motions that he offers that die because no one else agrees and offers a second!

  • West Covina Concern Resident

    Yea, DA shame of you for wasting tax payers money on LaVerne when you should be investigating the
    West Covina Gang Of Four.////