Pasadena looks at retirees for possible cost-savings

Pasadena officials may have identified an easy way to save millions in crucial city dollars — identify retiring employees and then decide whether to fill their positions.

Dan Abendschein reports the city has identified 35 employees who are likely to retire this year and are studying the potential savings of keeping their posts vacant.

There’s no telling who will actually retire and its still unclear if city officials would actually keep their positions open, fill them or opt for some kind of solution in between.

But the move could potentially save the city millions.

  • Anonymous

    Not filling positions through retirement attrition?

    Tania: This is the first time you’ve heard of this?

    It’s proven to be a helpful approach for alot of cities to be sure, but celebrating this as if it were some new innovative approach is hardly merited.

  • Anonymouse

    To the previous poster:

    In defense of Tania, who the hell said she’s celebrating this? She’s just reporting the news. Your slow @$$ would probably complain if she didn’t report it in the first place.