Dyers back in court, but case moving slow

Retired sheriff’s deputy Joseph Dyer, who is accused of embezzling half a million dollars from the city of La Puente, has been ordered to return to court in December for a pre-trial conference in December.

Joseph Dyer and his wife, Lydia Dyer, appeared in Los Angeles Superior court before Judge David Wesley on Monday. Dyer, 53, was indicted last month on charges of grand theft, embezzlement, crimes by a public officer and five counts of filing false tax returns in connection with allegations he stole $501,747.91 in tow fees from La Puente between 2001 to 2007.

Dyer’s wife, Lydia, was also indicted on five counts of filing false tax returns, based on allegations she knew about the false money but failed to report on their joint tax returns.

The couple was scheduled to set a trial date — postponed from an August court appearance. But the matter was held over again, to Dec. 8. This happens pretty frequently with cases like this. It’ll be probably be well into next year until we see any action in the case.