West Covina residents trapped on upper-level floors

Sounds like someone maybe dropped the ball on this one:

By Daniel Tedford
Staff Writer
WEST COVINA — Wheelchair bound elderly residents of a Holt Avenue retirement home have been stuck in their rooms for seven weeks while an elevator has been out of commission, residents said.

The Bridgecreek Retirement Home in West Covina has about 88 residents. While the first and second floors have an elevator, 28 residents on the third and fourth floors haven’t had a functioning elevator for nearly two months — and some have been stuck up there ever since, residents said.

Owners of the facility had been waiting for a final inspection approval from the city before reopening the elevator. That approval came today and City Council members plan to visit residents today as well.

According to Tedford, the owners of the facility said since this isn’t a nursing home, its the residents’ responsibility to take care of themselves.

But some believe they still have a responsibility to its residents.


96-year-old Phyllis Beekman was one of the residents “trapped” upstairs. She missed a doctor’s appointment two weeks ago because she couldn’t get down stairs.