Tuttle re-enters Baldwin Park race for mayor


Baldwin Park businessman Greg Tuttle is apparently back in the running for Baldwin Park mayor.

Tuttle’s candidate filing was initially rejected a few months back by the City Clerk because he was not a registered voter in Baldwin Park when he pulled his candidate forms on July 22.

But he’s since qualified as a write-in candidate with the county Registrar-Recorder.

So you won’t see him on ballot information mailed to voters, but he will be eligible to run as a write-in candidate come Nov. 3

A lot of questions have been brought up about whether Tuttle really lives in Baldwin Park.

The owner of Tuttle’s Parts Exchange on Ramona Boulevard used to live in Pomona and said he’s now renting a room in a house across the street from Mayor Manuel Lozano’s home.

Tuttle’s not ready to show anyone his humble abode just yet, but he says if he wins the race for mayor, he’ll buy a whole house just for himself in Baldwin Park.

We’ll see if he gets that far.

  • Anonymous

    Renting a room? Will buy a house if he wins? Sounds like voter fraud and a DA raid in the making

  • BPer

    Look at Tuttle run, look at Tuttle fall, look at Tuttle try, look at Tuttle fry.

  • Chinese Eggroll

    Now I know why I saw campaign signs with Tuttle’s name on it. That dude is going to lose along with Pay to Play Pacheco.

    My only question… Does anyone else think its creepy that Tuttle rented a room in a house across the street from Lozano’s? Maybe Tuttle is secretly attracted to the Mayor???

  • Smart Kid

    My 6th grade grandson can even see through Tuttle. He was just saying last night “Grandma, That Tuttle guy is wierd by moving across the street from the Mayor. Has he even done anything for our city? I bet he might get 20 votes. That would just be embarrassing if it were me”. All I can say is…Kids aren’t afraid of speaking the truth especially when it affects their future!

  • BPer

    Did you hear Tuttle talking about all the crime here in BP? Of course we can understand him coming from that safe haven of POMONA. And the best part is him always saying what WE have here or what WE need there. As if this idiot believes he’s apart of BP. With Tuttle backing Pacheco, we don’t have to worry about Pacheco winning. He’ll just die of snake bite.

  • BPer

    We need a New mayor…we are voting for Pacheco.

  • Chinese Fortune Cookie

    Baw-dwin pawk have bery bery bawd time uh-hed if Lozano win.

    We vota for uh Pacheco.

  • BPer

    Pacheco and Cruz Baca are with CARA. A business group whose interests go against Baldwin Park. This group wants to keep Our city low income, low rent, low wages. NO way will we be voting for Pacheco.

  • BP Resident