Covina city manager, finance director take a little heat from old boss

The City Council in Covina is standing by their man, well men, after a Colton councilman complained that Covina City Manager Daryl Parrish and Finance Director Dilu De Alwis left Colton with a big budget deficit.

Both formerly worked in Colton, where Councilman Vincent Yzaguirre is complaining about a $5.8 mililion deficit he said is due in part to bad budget projections.

De Alwis said he did indeed overestimate, but he claimed a lot of other cities did the same thing, including Covina before he took the job there.

Parrish said he wasn’t very involved in the budget.

Here’s the beginning of a story from Amanda Baumfeld.

COVINA _ City officials spoke in support of two top executives this week after a Colton councilman accused the men of making budgetary mistakes during the executives’ stints in Colton.
Colton Councilman Vincent Yzaguirre said miscalculations by City Manager Daryl Parrish and Finance Director Dilu De Alwis contributed to the city’s $5.8 million budget deficit.
Parrish and De Alwis now work for Covina as the city manager and finance director.
“Human errors were made in the budget and they exacerbate the situation we are in with the economy,” Yzaguirre said in a phone interview this week. “We have to make up for that shortfall.”
Mayor Walt Allen said he is “happy” to have Parrish in the city.