I’m firing my dogs

I thought dogs were supposed to have psychic ability to predict earthquakes.
My lazy mutts were sawing logs when Tuesday morning’s 4.4 quake woke me up.
My wife was screaming, though.
One of our picture frames fell down and broke.
It looks like the earthquake was centered where Rosemead Boulevard goes over the Whittier Narrows Dam, according to coordinates on the USGS map.
We live in Whittier.
This whole place is pretty geologically active. Geologists say the Montebello and Puente hills are relatively new – I forget how old – and were caused by uplifting from earthquakes. In addition, there’s still oil in the ground underneath the Whittier Narrows. Oil is often found pooled up along fault lines. About six years ago, I wrote a story about all the oil there. I’ll dig it up later if I have time.
There’s also lots of oil in the hills. PXP pumps it out of the Montebello Hills. And Matrix Oil pumps it out of the Puente Hills north of Whittier.

  • jim flournoy


    Channel 2 was saying the earthquake was on a strike slip fault
    Cannel 4 on a thrust fault
    at that location could be either
    The Whitier fault runs under (through) Whittier narrows dam somewhere in that area but Army Corps has not been able to say exactly where. You would have thought the dam excavatin would show.
    Perhaps you can find out…

    The Puente Hills thrust is not suposed to be that deep at that location- the epicenter should be shallower than 1987- have to wait for the revised figures and aftershock locations….see how they lign up

    The Puente Hills thrust and the Whittier-Ellsinore-East Montebello-Alhambra Wash faults cut each other.
    They interact- greater seismic energy along the Whittier fault line (toward San Gabriel and Pasadena) than tangent to it. (Directivity)

    Also much greater energy along the deep San Gabriel river alluvial channnel along the 605. (Basin Depth Amplifiation)
    Of course the site is at the edge of the very deep Los Angeles Basin.
    Will be interesting to see if the “did you feel it” shake map bears this out

    The Whittier fault is a much older Geologic feature
    The Puente hills Thrust hinge or top edge is near Bellflower and it dips at around 25-30 degrees under the San Gabriel valley where it was about 9.8 km deep at enter of the Whittier Quake all the way under the San Gabriel Mountains to the San Andreas.

    The San Gabriel Valley is being squeezed north to south, causing thrust fault earthquakes.

    Plate tectonics is behind the San Andreas, San Jacinto, Whittier-Elsinor, Newport Inglewood, Palos Verdes etc.

    The 5.0 “aftershock” in 1987 was no aftershock
    It was on the strike-slip Whittier weras the Mainshock was on the Puente HIlls Thrust. It was a “triggered event”
    The two interact.
    The “aftershock” knocked down the bell towers at San Gabriel Mission and killed a student at LASC.
    Alligned Cal Tech and Whittier both recorded 5.2g for this mild aftershock whereas tangent Monterey park dam and El Monte recorded much less.

    I was awake- sharp jolts not rolling but I’m on the hill not in the valley- dog slept through it

  • jim flournoy

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