I’m firing my dogs

I thought dogs were supposed to have psychic ability to predict earthquakes.
My lazy mutts were sawing logs when Tuesday morning’s 4.4 quake woke me up.
My wife was screaming, though.
One of our picture frames fell down and broke.
It looks like the earthquake was centered where Rosemead Boulevard goes over the Whittier Narrows Dam, according to coordinates on the USGS map.
We live in Whittier.
This whole place is pretty geologically active. Geologists say the Montebello and Puente hills are relatively new – I forget how old – and were caused by uplifting from earthquakes. In addition, there’s still oil in the ground underneath the Whittier Narrows. Oil is often found pooled up along fault lines. About six years ago, I wrote a story about all the oil there. I’ll dig it up later if I have time.
There’s also lots of oil in the hills. PXP pumps it out of the Montebello Hills. And Matrix Oil pumps it out of the Puente Hills north of Whittier.