Two-year degree can get $79,000 salary in El Monte

El Monte is hiring. And apparently a higher education doesn’t mean a higher salary.

The city is hiring a city council liaison, who will largely do public relations for the city. The post requires an AA Degree or 60 units from an accredited college and pays a monthly salary of $5,437 to $6,609, meaning $65,244 to $79,308 a year.

There is one caveat – applicants will be required to obtain a bachelor’s degree “within a reasonable amount of time.”

For those who are not interested going that extra step, the city is also hiring a volunteer coordinator who only needs the AA degree for a monthly salary of $3,888 to $4,666, or $46,656 to $55,992 a year.

Meanwhile, a masters degree is needed for the post of program specialist II, who will coordinate senior services in the city. The salary for that post is a mere $4,336 to $5,271 a month, or up to $63,252 a year. That’s less than the lowest end of the city council liaison.

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