Azusa dips more than 8 percent in assessor’s annual property roll report


The county assessor’s office put out its 2010 Annual Report you can read for yourself.

But if you are busy with work, the kids, or are just being lazy reading about lazy, slacker movie characters wearing hoodies played by Michael Cera, then here are some highlights of the report.

What stood out to me and others in the newsroom is the considerable drop in overall value for Azusa properties – a whopping -8.5 percent. That is compared to a -1.5 percent drop in Baldwin Park, a -2.1 percent decline in El Monte, -0.3 percent in neighboring Duarte, and for opposite side neighbor (the right side for the map viewing audience) Glendora a -0.8 percent drop.

Other notable drops was -6.8 percent for Inglewood (also pronounced IngleWOOD), -14.4 percent for Lancaster, -12 percent for Palmdale, -7.8 percent for Downey and an uptick of 4.4 percent for Arcadia.

Overall there was a $18.5 billion decline (Holy crap, I think i just swallowed my tongue. Wait…yep, I swallowed my tongue) which computes to about -1.7 percent (oh, well that doesn’t seem so bad if you say it that way. I am feeling more sprite. Maybe I’ll go running. Oh yeah, it is 270 degrees outside).

UPDATE: I realize some of you might be a wee bit confused or at least not up to date on your property tax/value laws and meanings. If you need some background reading to understand the significance of the report, go here.

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