Duarte nation’s most expensive zip code?

A Forbes’ list of America’s most pricey zip codes lists Duarte at the top with a median home costing more than $4 million.

But the list has created some controversy (and angry reader mail to Forbes) considering the zip code used, 91008, is actually that of Bradbury. Most Duarte residents actually have the 91010 zip code (as evidenced by the city’s recent celebration on Sept. 10).

Forbes addresses the issue in a blog that outlines its reasoning (USPS designates the zip code as Duarte) and discusses the issue of whether Bradbury is its own city or a town with a city (Duarte).

For those in the San Gabriel Valley, the issue is pretty simple. Duarte is not Bradbury and doesn’t boast the million dollar foothill homes that can be found in the hilltop that is Bradbury.

At the end of Forbes’ blog, they come to a similar conclusion. Bradbury is actually the ritzy neighborhood that takes the title of most expensive zip code. It is the USPS that refuses to recognize it.