Jaguars (potential target of Ed Roski) are still working to build a fan base

Came across this blog on the Jacksonville Jaguars website that talks about how the team has had to work to sell tickets for this week’s Monday Night Football game against the Tennessee Titans.

For most teams, MNF would be enough to get an easy sell out, but not in Jacksonville where the team had to blackout many games last year after not selling enough tickets for home games.

The Jaguars have been a team discussed as a potential suitor to move to Los Angeles if Ed Roski and his Industry stadium team are able to lure someone out west.

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  • jessie

    cant wait

  • enough already

    Why does the Tribune keep talking up the Roski stadium as though it’s anything more than a drawing on poster board? Just because he keeps placing those full page, two-full page, and four-full page ads shouldn’t affect the news coverage.

    Write something after he’s bought a team. Otherwise, it makes it look like you guys are just carrying his water.