‘Extreme’ carolers pull early morning Christmas prank in Glendora (Video)

I am a little late to the party on this one, but it was a late night party so I am going to let myself slide.

A group of kids pulled a Christmas caroling prank by orchestrating a small band of merriment for Glendora residents to enjoy a few days before Christmas. Oh, and they did it between about midnight and 5 a.m.

Not surprisingly, some neighbors were none too pleased and called the police.

Glendora officers were pretty cheerful about the whole thing, having a couple laughs and approaching the whole thing with a sense of humor. In context, I am sure we would rather this than those kids playing mailbox baseball or tee-peeing someone’s house? OK, maybe you would rather have the tee-peeing than a little 4 a.m. drummer boy.

The video, for what it’s worth, is pretty funny. At the same time, I am sure most people feel for the residents who were stirred from their slumber by the music and, incidentally, made viral video famous.

The whole thing seemed to be orchestrated by Mike Diva or Dahlquist, who promotes his prank videos on twitter and his website.

For my take, the best part is when they break out into a rap song at the end.

I also let out a few chuckles when the kids were talking to the police.

“Three police cars for angry Christmas carolers?” one said to a Glendora police officer. “We are the happiest carolers you could ever imagine.”

“Think about being woken up to something so lovely as a Christmas carol,” another said.

The kids hit up any 24-hour or late night establishment they could find, including Target, Wal-Mart, Denny’s and 24-Hour Fitness.

It is interesting to see kids doing what kids normally do when they are young, playing pranks they think are funny and having a good time with friends when you are bored and have the time. When I was younger we did much of the same things (often worse) but, fortunately, we were not made famous by YouTube, or even tried to be.

For once, I am happy to be too old for that.

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