Rooster sauce gets a cookbook

49305-rooster sauce.jpg

Huy Fong Foods Inc., which is moving to a new location in Irwindale not far from the Tribune offices, is famous for its “Rooster Sauce” the common name for the company’s Sriracha Hot Chile Sauce.

Well, if you are a fan, there is now a cookbook centered around using the ingredient in various recipes. If you love rooster sauce, but haven’t been brave enough to try it in your every day cooking, this is your chance.

Personally I am a Tabasco sauce kind of guy. As for most of my friends, they love them some Tapatio Hot Sauce, but Sriracha has some major fans in the newsroom.

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  • Don

    Truly something unneeded.

    You put Siriacha in everything. Tabasco is OK, but sort of one trick; Rooster goes everywhere.

    Well, maybe not pbj’s, but everywhere else.

  • Bruce

    If you leave out the jelly and make your sandwich with Siriacha and peanut butter, it’s actually very good.

  • hot hot hot

    My current favorite hot sauce is Louisiana Gold, but Sriracha has a couple of varieties that add something extra besides heat to your food. Good in soups, too.