South El Monte Mayor says marijuana dispensary issue is done

Spoke with Mayor Louie Aguinaga about the South El Monte vote on changing its city ordinance on marijuana dispensaries to limit the amount in the city to just one. The previous ordinance allowed for two.

The council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve the new ordinance, but a second reading and vote is still necessary. I was skeptical this was the end of the road for the ordinance since this issue has changed so often when it seemed the council was leaning in one direction.

When I asked Aguinaga what he thought, he said “It is the end of this one. It is done.”

We will see if that holds up come September. More to come on this story in tomorrow’s paper and online.

  • Evelyn

    Testing out the comments

  • Angry Resident

    Looks like the council is running scared regarding this dilema. It’s election time and no one wants to walk the line. Delgado has no back bone to speak of. Aguinaga wants to play it safe. He’s weak and not too bright. Seems like these two are on the take anyways. They won’t get our votes. There are crooks.