Santa Claus gets La Puente ordinance exemption resolution

Santa Claus (iStockphoto)

Santa Claus (iStockphoto)

Old Saint Nick could receive a gift-wrapped fine or a night in jail when he appears above La Puente, if an important vote at tonight’s city council meeting does not go in his favor.

The council’s first agenda for the night starts with a vote on whether “Mr. S. Claus” should receive certain exemptions from city law.

If the vote passes, Santa Claus will receive a variance allowing him to enter homes without permission, make noise at any hour and buzz through the sky without requesting additional clearance. The resolution further grants Claus the right to disregard the city’s animal regulations.

On top of the waiver of city law, Claus would receive a free business license to operate as a non-profit organization.

The resolution, written by Recreation Manager Roxanne Lerman and submitted by interim City Manager Martin Lomeli, does state that staff directed Claus to get a valid vehicle registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles; an employee audit to verify his elves receive minimum wage from the Department of Health and Welfare; and a check from the Air Quality Management District to “ensure a safe and clear sleigh ride.”

“Granting Mr. S. Claus this request serves a public purpose in that it allows Mr. S. Claus to continue the tradition of spreading holiday cheer and merriment to the good children of the City of La Puente,” Lerma wrote in her recommendation.

The variances have no fiscal impact, Lerma wrote.

Claus could not be reached for comment.