Sunday Galaxy Gameday

As far as regular season MLS games go, they don’t get much bigger than the one scheduled for noon on Fox Soccer Channel Fox Sports West between Houston and the Galaxy: sole possession of first place in the Western Conference is on the line with only two games left in the regular season.

Galaxy game preview

Glenn Davis chronicles the reasons to watch for the uninitiated.

Now excuse me, but I must brunch before the game begins.

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  • Inigo Montoya

    Big game, yes. Good game for the Galaxy, no. A point is a point, but not much to look at and three would have been better.

    Houston hustled more, mostly controlled the midfield, and generated more chances. Ricketts saved the day at least twice.

    Buddle was unlucky not to score on what was really the only serious defensive error of the day by Houston. Donovan entered early in the 2nd half and played reasonably well but didn’t get serious looks. Beckham tried to get the blood stirring late by overreacting to a challenge and provoking a scrum, which eventually got Ching (deservedly) sent off but didn’t change the dynamic of the game much.

    Still, Houston is a good team and the Galaxy matched them. They neutralized Stuart Holden and Ricardo Clark.

    Makes me optimistic for the playoffs. It will take some luck (as always), but the Gs can be competitive with the best.

  • Who deserved to get sent off was Beckham, but MLS is doing everything it can to appease their (supposed) cash cow, and keep him filling MLS stadia (which actually hasn’t happened in two years) for as long as possible before he buggers off to Milan to spend a few months banging heroin chic super models …

  • Studs Up

    The weak link early on were the forwards, especially Buddle, who could not a get jump on the ball and read the passes coming in early in the game. Rickettes was HUGE.

    Beckham’s foul was not red-card worthy at all. Ching’s red card was a bit harsh but maybe warranted based on his stupid factor. Dema was a welcome addition back in the lineup in what was more of an indoor game. At HDC we would beat them easily.

    All in all, a very polite finish in the West where no one wants to go thru the door first. Next weekend will be fun.

    PS – Jeff Cammeron is ready for international duty. Call him in Bradley. Or better yet, Gulati call in Kinnear who WILL call in Cammeron.