Weekend Rewind: Becks, Donovan & More

i-a8f46417b21930559420f24abc5eb034-beckshead.jpgDoh! It was that sort of day for AC Milan and David Beckham today against struggling Livorno. The two teams drew 1-1 (AP Photo).

More here.

Roma took advantage of Milan’s dropped points , by pulling into a tie for second in Serie A.

Also this weekend:

*The Galaxy’s second on-loan star, Landon Donovan, helped Everton narrowly beat Wigan Athletic 0-1 on Saturday. BTW, check out the nice little chalkboard device you can use to break down Donovan’s or anyone other players’ performance at The Guardian. Donovan was subbed yet again, but again showed some good touches, especially in the first half.

Next: the Merseyside derby against Liverpool live at 4:45 a.m. Saturday on ESPN2.

*Spoiler alert! Fox Soccer Channel will air the CONCACAF U-20 final at 2 p.m. today on a delayed basis. If you want to know what happened click here.

*Finally, while (former?) Sol GM Charlie Naimo didn’t return a call seeking comment about the team’s demise Friday, he did send some e-mailed comments via the WPS office:

“Yesterday was a sad day for the franchise, staff, players and fans. Until I see our players on other rosters I will continue to work for the organization. This is a very special group of players that we assembled and it’s very tough for me to see this team dispersed next week.

“In just one year, we built a great brand in women’s soccer and in the Los Angeles area. It takes time to build up a following in any sport and over the season, we developed a terrific and loyal fan base.

“It was a special first season, winning the regular season title like we did and playing the kind of soccer that no one thought would be possible in just the first few weeks of a new league and a new team. I’m hopeful that the team can return for LA fans in the not-so-distant future.

“It was hugely disappointing that our efforts to find a new ownership group came up short. We felt like things were really looking good until the latest stages of the transaction. Those conversations in and of themselves, leave me optimistic for the future of WPS in Los Angeles.

“We proved in 2009 that it’s a viable market, we just need to locate the right ownership group that is interested in being with the team for the long-term.

“WPS has so many incredible things going for it in 2010, including the quality of the players assembled from around the world and the U.S., stadium upgrades, two new franchises and some changes to its regular season. I’m only sorry that the Sol won’t be part of that in 2010.”

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