Weekly Column: Does Chivas USA Have a Future in Major League Soccer?


In 2012 Chivas USA appears to have come full circle, meaning they are no further ahead today in securing a decent fan base and a club identity than they were in 2005, the year they began play in MLS.

Not surprisingly then, the discussion has shifted from how can the experiment work, to what form should Chivas USA — or a second LA-based MLS team — take in the future.

Significantly, the debate is taking place without the participation so far of the MLS suits or the team’s AWOL ownership.

So I spent my Sunday afternoon with loyal Chivas USA fan group Black Army 1850, which prefers to wear black instead of red and emphasize their LA roots rather than any affiliation with Chivas Guadalajara or the team’s Mexican heritage.

The long-suffering Chivas USA fan base deserve way more than they get from this club.

Yet I found fans who have not given up on the club despite the constant missteps of a front office that rarely communicates with their paying customers.

Moreover, the group I talked to were united about what was needed, which is why the column quotes just one member of the Black Army. Other members of the group listened to the interview as it was conducted and pretty much agreed with what was said.

Read the column here and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo

    Told you – you can’t build a minor league team in Major League Soccer.
    Chivas USA will always be a minor league team to Chivas Guadalajara under present ownership. The US market will not stand to be an afterthought to a Mexican team. Re-brand it the Goats and see where it takes you.



  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Chivas USA was doomed since Day One merely because of the name. That would have been true had it been called Club America USA, Cruz Azul USA, Communicaciones USA, etc. It’s obvious that neither Vergara nor MLS understands the Los Angeles market.

    It also doesn’t help that AEG has been covertly hostile to Chivas USA since the beginning.

    The only way a second team survives in this area is to put it either in Orange County, the San Fernando Valley or the Inland Empire and build a unique identity that reflects one of those areas.

    Captcha code: fqyurz

    I’m not making this up… 😉