Good, bad and the ugly at American

Hey if you’re looking for your luggage on American Airlines, you might want to check Kennedy airport in New York.

A computer software glitch Wednesday crippled the baggage handling system at an American Airlines terminal at JFK, delaying some flights and causing a luggage pileup at the ticket counters.

On some slightly better news, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants says layoffs will not be necessary next month because enough American attendants have agreed to take early retirement or leave.

American was planning to eliminate 900 flight attendant jobs this summer as airlines cut routes to combat higher fuel costs.

An online statement Wednesday from the union said “based on the overage leave proffer results, none of our members will be furloughed effective Aug. 31.”

Earlier this week, American and El Al, Israel’s national airline, announced that they will begin selling tickets on each other’s connecting flights beginning in September.

Delta had a code-share deal with El Al  until Delta began its own direct flights to Tel Aviv.

American will sell tickets on El Al flights from the United States to Tel Aviv as if they were American jets. El Al will sell seats — or place its “code” on tickets — on some American domestic flights from gateway cities reached by El Al flights.

Many airlines use code-share agreements to expand their network without adding more people or planes. Frequent flyers usually earn miles for the part of their trip flown on the other airline’s planes.

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