Chino Hills State Park reopens Sunday

The Freeway Complex Fire ravaged Chino Hills
State Park
burning more
than 13,800 acres of park property. Since then, crews have been working to make the park safe again and reopen. 

Sunday, Feb. 1, the park will reopen with some restrictions. The park will be open for
day use and camping.

Hills for Everyone Trail                     

East Fence Line Trail                      

Sidewinder Trail

Water Canyon Trail

Scully Hill Trail


Canyon Trail is open but please use caution adjacent to Little Diemer trail due
to a mudslide washout.

park is missing many trail signs, so please do not venture into the backcountry
unless you are familiar with the park. We will continue to work on restoring
the park. We will reopen the trails that are closed once it is safe to do so.

more information and updates please call: 951-780-6222.

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