Super Fun at Super Fair


Went to the OC Super Fair this weekend. Pretty hot, both the temperature and the activities. I didn’t even get to do everything I wanted to, so I’ll have to go back again.

We went on some rides. The big ferris wheel, La Grande Wheel, is my favorite. What a view! The Giant Slide is exciting and you get your exercise hiking to the top. My hat almost blew off on the way down. When I grabbed it I put my hands down and skinned a bit from my wrist. So keep your hands up!

 Food is always fun at the Fair. They have the usual assortment of crazy things — a zucchini weenie with a hollowed out zucchini stuffed with a hot dog and deep fried like a corn dog. (Yes, Mom, I did eat my vegetables at the Fair. Honest.)  Then there’s the chocolate-covered bacon.

I’m looking forward to almost anything from the Greek Gourmet and Jeanne’s Artichokes.  My favorite place for steamed and deep fried artichokes has added paninis and vegetable skewers this year. So far I’ve had a barbecued beef sandwich from the Chuckwagon, a turkey leg from the Outlaw Grill, the world’s largest barbecue, a couple of samples of wine from the Wine Courtyard and a mixed berry smoothie from Terry’s Berries — all regular stops for me on my Fair grazing.

 Do you visit the craft exhibits? Look for my blue-ribbon-winning pink place mats or my sister’s division-winning collection of patriotic Disney pins. We were pleased with ourselves.

I still need to do some shopping, see the animals, tour Al’s Brain and learn about the history of the fairgrounds in the exhibit Air Base to Fair Base. So much to do.

Good thing the Fair runs until Aug. 9. You can learn more details at the OC Fair Web Site,






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