First-Time Traveler: Travel without breaking the bank

I’ve been counting down the days when I will finally step foot in Boston, where my small adventure begins. I have a little more than 18 hours before I board my flight from Los Angeles International Airport.

From the start, my travel buddy and I have been on a mission to save as
much as possible. We’ve been searching the Internet for hours on end to
find the best prices to travel.

for us, people don’t really like traveling to the East Coast during the
winter, especially if there are looming threats of winter storms.
However, from reading several travel guides, most tourists are willing
to brave harsh weather when it’s major holiday traveling (ie. Christmas and New Year’s). It seems that Valentine’s Day isn’t as big a hit.

managed to land airfare at around $400 total each person — including
flights from Los Angeles to Boston, Boston to New York and Washington,
D.C., to Los Angeles.

The site I liked using the most was Travelzoo
because it usually directed you to the travel deal site with the lowest
fare. But be sure to check various travel deal sites and airline sites
to get the
best price. It may be tedious to look through all these websites, but
the savings will be worth it.

the New York to Philadelphia and Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.,
transportation, my travel buddy and I decided to go by train since it’s
relatively inexpensive and the trip length is bearable.

Amtrak has a deal if you take the same train within a 24-hour period, your trip will be significantly discounted.
We ended up spending less than $50 for both trips per person (for the
cheapest train) versus $100 for the same if we took different trains or
boarded outside of the 24 hours.

I found this out when I went on
Google to search for promotional codes or coupons. I always do this
before I book a ticket because there’s a wealth of information on the
Web about the latest deals and codes you can use to save a pretty penny.

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