Seattle Mural Project happening this summer

Seattle has been the home of amazing artists for some time, but the skyline has lacked the type of large scale murals that landmark other cities of culture around the world.

This summer, that will all change as the Seattle Mural Project (SMP) will be “making blank walls go extinct” at various locations in Capitol Hill and around the city. Large, building sized paintings will be created with a cast of international and local world class talent.

“This is a really exciting and unique opportunity for Seattle,” said Justin Hart, Seattle Mural Project Director and Co-Founder. “Seattle has some really great local talent that needs to be recognized on a national stage. Our goal is to bring in those national level names to work alongside our local talent. We’re excited that Seattle Mural Project will create new opportunities and shine a spotlight on Seattle’s truly excellent artists.”

Philadelphia based artist ‘NoseGo’ is looking forward to contributing to this upcoming scene: “I’m super stoked to come out to Seattle! I would like to paint in Seattle and meet the locals.”

The SMP has won a Seattle arts funding grant for the event, but there is a catch- it’s a reimbursement grant which means they must front all expenses.

“We’re thinking big because we have to- we have access to amazing locations and artists,” Hart says. “But we don’t have the mega capital to make this work on a marquee level by ourselves.”

So they’ve started an Indiegogo fundraising campaign and are working with many local supporters who recognize the importance of bringing large scale visual art to Seattle.

“We’re so happy that local businesses understand what this means to communities. This city is changing in so many ways and the SMP is an event that’s hopefully going to continue to contribute culture to Seattle.” – Said Hart.

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