FB commit

Mission Viejo cornerback Alex Mascarenas, a 5-foot-11, 180-pounder, gave a non-binding oral commitment to UCLA today.
“He’s quite an athlete,” Mission Viejo coach Bob Johnson said. “He’s probably one of the best athletes in Orange County. He’s the best player on the baseball team, if he would have played basketball he would have been the best point guard but he decided not to go out, and he’s best sport is football.”

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  • Hiero

    Wasn’t RickN on staff when Brett (Bob Johnson’s son) was the QB at UCLA? If so, its an amazing get. For years, UCLA coaches were personnae non grata at Mission Viejo.

  • Woochifer

    IIRC, Neuheisel was Bret Johnson’s position coach during his redshirt and freshman years. The animosity began when Homer Smith was brought back as OC and opened up the QB position to competition. Bret Johnson lost out to Jim Bonds, and promptly transferred.

    But, it seems that the simmering friction between Neuheisel and Bob Johnson erupted into the open once Rob Johnson committed to USC. I recall Rob Johnson accusing the UCLA coaches of “chipping” on him during the 1992 game. And after either the 1992 or 1993 game, Neuheisel directed a sarcastic comment towards Rob in the parking lot, and that nearly got Neuheisel and Bob Johnson to fisticuffs.

    Not sure if the rift between Neuheisel and Johnson has healed in the meantime, but Dorrell’s staff had already made in-roads at Mission Viejo (e.g., the Moline brothers and Jeff Baca).