Answers, Part XIII

Here is lucky No. 13:

Is Howland making a bigger effort to limit the minutes of his players in order to keep them fresh for March?
No. He’s trying to win games now so he gets to March. Howland does not think that way, nor does he coach that way. I’ve had those discussions with him in the past, and he is only thinking of the game at hand. He doesn’t save things for future games.

Please rank the Pac-10s FB coaches from best to worst, in your opinion, along with the reason(s) why one guy’s ahead of/behind another…thanks!
I thought I did this once before, and if so, if the list is in a different order, someone will jump all over me. But I will rank them with a quick comment about each coach. Hope that will suffice.
1. Pete Carroll, USC – The Pac-10 titles and BCS appearances says it all
2. Mike Riley, Oregon State – He does more with less talent than anyone
3. Jeff Tedford, Cal – Great job building Cal, but he has taken then as far as he can
4. Mike Bellotti, Oregon – Just see comment above
5. Rick Neuheisel, UCLA – Still needs to prove he can rebuild a program
6. Jim Harbaugh, Stanford – Lost lots of luster by not being bowl eligible this season
7. Dennis Erickson, Arizona State – Best days are behind him, but he can still coach
8. Steve Sarkasian, Washington – Still don’t get the attraction of this hire
9. Mike Stoops, Arizona – There is very little different between this slot and the last slot
10. Paul Wulff, Washington State – Wow, this did not work out in the first season

Are you surprised that it took Howland a month of the season to tell Jrue Holiday what his role was on the team? How do these miscommunications happen?
I don’t know where you came up with that. The only think I posted about Holiday and his role is that he knew was more comfortable than he was a month ago. It doesn’t say Howland took a month to tell him his role.

Which UCLA HC would you be most likely to fire your shoe at during a presser???
(How’s your arm strength/accuracy?)
I only deal with two head coaches, really, and they are Ben Howland and Rick Neuheisel. And watch how each coach deals with the media, and I think you will learn the answer. And my arm strength and accuracy is fine.

Do you think Keefe will be playing more minutes per game down the line?
No, I don’t. I can see him losing minutes if Drew Gordon or J’mison Morgan can figure things out a little more.

Brian, how long does an in home visit generally last?
Depends on the coach, the prospect and the family. Some last a few hours.

Do you expect Nate Chandler to compete for a starting spot at OT or does he need more time?
From what I’m hearing as of this moment, I think he is a year or two away from competing for a starting spot.

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