Robert Marve update

Robert Marve, the Univeristy of Miami quarterback who is transferring, will make a trip to Purdue April 10, according to his father, Eugene.
Marve also wants to visit UCLA, to get a tour of the campus and also meet with the coaching staff.
Marve is also considering Michigan, South Florida, Nebraska and Texas Tech.
And, according to Eugene Marve, a move to rival Florida is not out of the equation.
The family wants to make a final decision by late April or early June.

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  • Jewin

    Springtime in Westwood … hard to beat.

  • Panchito

    I think Michigan, Purdue, Oregon, Texas Tech, all run some form of spread offense, right? Why would Marve want to come to UCLA?


  • lavsmousse

    My understanding was Coach Shannon wont let Marve transfer to an SEC school as part of his transfer agreement. Regardless, I don’t see this kid ever winding up at UCLA.

  • Anonymous

    He is not that good,we don’t need him.If he was any good a true freshman would’nt have beaten him out.

  • DCBruin

    lavsmousse, Miami is in the ACC. Unless it’s rival Florida, why would Shannon care if he goes to an SEC school?

  • Springtime in Westwood … hard to beat

    Unless you’re Villanova, of course.

  • lavsmousse

    DCBruin, apparently Shannon said all of the SEC and ACC were off limits as places Marve could transfer to. Marve’s father said that he would take the case to court, if necessary, so that Robert could attend an SEC school. I don’t know if that happened or not.

  • Springtime in Da Ghetto

    -Can’t beat it wit a stik playa, 4 shots in da aya, for all my football playas!!!

    -40 ounces to da ground 4 all my b-ballas,
    and they package deal fathas!!!

    (Lil’ Romeos new song, “Spring Time in Da Ghetto”)

  • MaltBaa

    is it just me or does nebraska offer everybody?