Q&A time

Folks, it is Q&A time again. The holiday weekend sure made it come up quick this week.
Anyway, send in a question of 50 words or fewer (anything greater than 50 words will be deleted) and I will post the answers Friday.

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  • Rob

    When will you come out with a preseason prediction? August after summer practice? Earlier?

  • Anonymous

    Did UCLA investigate building a new arena? If so, what factors went against building a new arena (other than can’t get rid of Pauley). Too costly to teardown Pauley, no viable location?

  • DoubleBruin

    Can you give us information on Knoxville, TN? Where should we stay or hang out before and after the game?


    Brian, was the coaching staff stunned by Hinder’s commitment so soon to Cal?

    Are you planning to post a list of recruits at Junior Day?

    Will UCLA make a run at Noel Johnson for SG now that he’s de-committed from USC?

  • trueblue

    If Jrue confirms that he will definately leave for the NBA, will Noel Johnson (USC decommit) become a recruiting target? I hope so, because a SG of Johnson’s caliber would definately top off our 2009 recruiting class nicely.

  • bruinbrian

    With UCLA’s top uncommitted QB prospect, Austin Hinder, comitting to Cal and seeming VERY solid, who do you anticipate the Bruins looking at next as their 2010 QB recruit?

  • bruinbrian

    Does the coaching staff have a certain number of commits they’d like to get at their upcoming camp or will they just take what they can and continue to work for those commitments down the line?

  • bruinbrian

    which offensive player do you believe has the most long term potential to become a star in college?

  • Albert

    has the Football fall practice schedule been released. how many prac’s will there be & will they be open to the public? wasn’t milton knox ultra explosive ala DREW-JONES @ da spring game?

  • Anonymous

    If there were scholarships availbe, would the FB staff consider giving any of them to some of the walk-ons? If so which ones would they be considering?

  • rich_in_la

    Its seems like Holiday gets all the draft news, but how is Collison doing? How has his workouts been? Do you think he will go in the first round?

  • Steve

    You covered baseball for a while, was wondering if journalists should have suspected/reported the whole steroid issue 15-20 years ago (A’s w/ McGwire & Canseco)? Seems like you’d hear about the “juiced” baseball, year-round training, weight-lifting as the cause for the power surge, when it was probably steroids.

  • j1press

    The USC Mayo investigation: smoke, fire, or a lot of both?

  • alxandr

    Have you ever thought about doing a light hearted Q&A with coaches.. especially during the offseason when things are slow?

  • Steve

    How come Dohnster isn’t in the Triple Crown? 3 yo this year, right? How’s he doing?

  • Dan

    In last weeks Q & A, Sec. 7, someone asked you about the Pauley Renovation. You made the suttle remark, “It is because someone highly influential and revered wants it to remain standing.” If this refers to Coach Wooden, do you think UCLA suffers from its own success? Can’t rebuild because he may not approve?

  • Nathan

    Any idea whether Tennessee will be a better or worse team than the one that came to the Rose Bowl last year?

  • Anonymous

    How is it that Ben Olson doesn’t get an NFL tryout when he was as brittle as Pat Cowan, yet has far superior physical tools?

  • Soccer Fan

    OT: Man U got dominated…what did you think of the match?

  • Anonymous

    Have you gained any new insight in the last year as to why Maiava was asked to play FB at Colorado, especially since you (and others) seem to think he is our best OL this year?

  • Anonymous

    With Holiday likely leaving, does that make Hamid the backup PG?

  • Anonymous

    Is Marquis Jackson DE eligible for the 2009 season or 2010? What are our chances of getting him?

  • Anonymous

    What are your expectations of Jerime Anderson this year, with the likelihood that he’ll go from few minutes last year to 35+ this year? Would you put him in the class of Farmar/Westbrook/Collison as PGs who make a big sophomore jump?

  • Anonymous

    Do you attribute the 3+ year lag in getting Pauley renovated to the organizers waiting for Wooden to pass away so they can scrap renovation plans and then “all of a sudden” decide to demolish it and start a new arena?

  • Anonymous

    In your opinion, if the recent Mayo payment allegations turn out to be true, should Tim Floyd be fired?

  • amm

    When do the UCLA football camps start? Do you expect some commitments after the camps?

  • wernerman13

    did u enjoy the match betweeen man u and barcelona? also will u be attending the mach between barcelona and the galaxy at the rose bowl?

  • Buster Bruin

    In last week’s Q&A, you prognosticated that the starting offensive line would consist of Sheller, Baca, Maiava, (either Ekbetani or Taylor), and Sua Filo. Why not Eddie Williams as a starter since RN seems very high on him?

  • UCLA ’64

    How many camps for recruits will UCLA hold? What are the dates? Do all colleges hold the same number? Is there an NCAA limit? Thanks.

  • Buster Bruin

    Last week, you mentioned that Johnson, Dean, R. Carter and Forcier would be leaving the program. Are you aware of others who are leaving and can you share names at this time?

  • Buster Bruin

    Is Lester White still slated to greyshirt and enroll after the season?

  • Coach Thom

    This is a good blog.

  • Sunset Bruin

    I noticed the QB camp in June 6th. When will the camp for other positions be held?


    Brian, do you feel Oregon has a recruiting advantage because the school is so closely tied to Nike? Is UCLA still considering a switch to Nike gear?

  • Dohn’s boy

    Do you think you could track down RN and ask him about improvements to our away uniforms in football. Please tell him, UCLA fans are tired of plain white, we need a little zest on the field for our away games.

  • Tom Dorlis

    If you were aware of a persistent pervasive pattern of recruiting violations or questionable recruiting practices at UCLA would you report it?

  • Anonymous

    What, in your opinion, happened to the baseball team? We seem to have great recruiting classes each year.

  • Anonymous

    Given that Holiday will most likely be drafted higher than Collison do you feel that Howland should have started Holiday over Collison at the point?

  • bruinbruiser

    Brian, you have commented in the past how difficult howland can be with the media. Wouldn’t someone with a better personality like a bruce pearl be a better ambassador for ucla basketball and thus improve ucla’s chances at raising the money needed to renovate pauley?

  • kevlabry

    Is one day enough to find your QB of the future; I like what UCLA is doing camping some gunslingers to see if they fit their system?

  • 909Bruin

    how many shades of blue does UCLA have???? it seems like we have 16 different blues!

  • Anonymous

    Including this year’s crop, which one-and-done had the best season in your opinion? Program impact, team success, stats, program perception all play in, I’d love to hear your opinion

  • Anonymous

    did donovan carter look like he “fit” with the linebackers or did he look a cheeseburger from the DL.

  • Spencer

    How solid is Austin Hinder’s commitment to Berkeley?

  • Blue Bruin

    Do you ever take pictures as part of your coverage assignments?

  • Blue Bruin

    Is there any sport or league that you’ve never covered and, for that matter, would prefer never to cover?

  • Blue Bruin

    What about blogging is different from your normal paper reporting?

  • Blue Bruin

    Do you reckon Gordon had to get Howland’s blessing before being involved in the junior national team?

  • Anonymous

    Do any of Howland’s current assistants have the potential to become head coaches elsewhere in the next few years?

  • Anonymous

    What do the basketball assistant coaches do during practice?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a limit to the number of paid assistant coaches a college football team can have?

  • Anonymous

    What do you think are the advantages of a college football team bringing in head coaches or assistant coaches with NFL experience?

  • Johnny Angel

    Has coach Chow ever expressed concern or offered an explanation for why his quarterbacks seldom go on to have notable pro careers?

  • melsby’s knee was down

    I don’t see both Roll and Lee starting next year, because it would leave Abdul-Hamid as the only guard off the bench. I think one of the two will win the starting 2 spot and the other will back up both guard spots, with a freshman taking the 3. Thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Do athletes have to pay for camps put on by UCLA and other schools?

  • Anonymous

    Ben Olsen. I know he hurt himself before a pro day. Will he try out for any pro teams or is he going to settle into a “normal” non-football life? Was a big fan of his in HS.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the best free throw shooter next year, now that Collison is gone? Best 3 point shooter?

  • Anonymous

    Will we be run heavy, pass heavy, or have a balanced attack based on your judgment on how spring ball has progressed?

  • Anonymous

    Is Drew Gordon NBA material?

  • Anonymous

    Where does Chase Rettig fall in the QB recruit hierarchy?

  • Anonymous

    Coaches sound pretty high on Damien Holmes. Does he project as a major contributor this year or am I reading into things a liitle too much?

  • Anonymous

    will you be doing a recap of the football one day camp in june and do the coaches frown on ou reporting about what happens ai those types of events?

  • Legalsean

    Who do you think will have the biggest impact of the football recruits in 2009? Who do you think will have the biggest impact on the basketball team of the 5 freshman in the 2009 class?


  • cadreaming22

    Will you be sharing the results of your Pauley Poll with anyone from UCLA?

  • Anonymous

    Memphis hoops just got charged with major NCAA violations for the season it beat UCLA in the Final Four. A) Do you think Calipari bolted because he knew probation was coming and B) Can Calipari be in any way punished at this point?

  • Anonymous

    what is the first day of fall camp this year?

  • GoGo Bruin

    Are incoming recruits not enrolled in school allowed to come to camps for coaching tips?

  • GoGo Bruin

    Do you believe the coaching staff will bring in another outstanding recruiting class for 2010 or will it depend on the team making a bowl game? Any specific positions you believe the staff should concentrate their efforts on?


    Do you hear the name Chase Rettig as a QB prospect the coaches like?


    What happens when an NFL team brings in a player and then waives him after a week or two? Do they get one years worth of the league minimum salary or are they just given $100 and a plane ticket home?

  • mrybill2

    Kentucky apparently has no available scholarships, yet Calipari adds three star recruits, then essentially runs three other guys off. Even by college basketball recruiting standards, this seems extreme. Does this have impact beyond Kentucky? Thoughts?

  • john


    What impact will the current financial trouble with the state have on UCLA basketball or football program?

  • rejn

    Where does Ryan Kasdorf stand with UCLA? Is he being seriously looked at, or are there more appealing QB prospects that Neuheisel and Chow like better? Does he have what it takes to be a good/competitive UCLA QB?

  • rejn

    Given/If there are some flaws with the new Pauley design/proposal, do you think it will be a significant improvement over the current Pauley, and a home arena others will talk about, positively? Like Staples and Galen???

  • Tim Osburn

    Brian: What is the purpose of pre-season honors for football players (Kai Forbath, Brian Price, etc.) Does this impact their potential for awards or honors in the post season?

  • BruinChick

    What do you think of Randall Carroll now that we’ve seen several videos of his races?

  • Anonymous

    Do you anticipate any funding problems for the new Pauley renovation due to its controversial nature (no seating/sightline improvement, personal seat licenses, season ticket pecking order, etc.)?

  • MaltBaa

    If possible infractions come down on USC football, do you believe it will realy effect the caliber of player USC recruits given how many NFL players they produce?

  • Anonymous

    I know it’s early but do you see any of the football players being NFL quality?

  • Anonymous

    Does UCLA have a shot at Noel Johnson if Holiday goes?

  • bruinmanny

    Brian , why does it appear that we are slow playing the local kids when it comes to offering a football scholie ? Seems out of proportion, in regards to the out of staters ? Thanks .

  • Anonymous

    Hi Brian-

    I’ve noticed that Ryan Kasdorf’s name has not come up recently in 2010 qb discussions. Has UCLA cooled on him? If so, have you heard why? Is there a height issue?


    Do you think Neuheisel is pushing the envelope by bringing Embree as a graduate assistant, like he used Tata as a temporary assistant? Isn’t this like waving to a recruit from across the street during a no contact period?

  • Captain Irony

    I’m just going to go ahead and put my one question per registered user idea out there. I think it will improve the quality of questions.

  • Buster Bruin

    Is there a reason other than money which could account for Warner’s failure to provide his transcripts to UCLA (i.e., his grades perhaps not being what he has orally reported to the coaching staff)?

  • Buster Bruin

    In last week’s Q&A, you mentioned that you knew of “three signees that could become academic casualities.” Were you refering to high school signees, JC players, or both? When should we know for sure?

  • Anonymous

    Do you have any update on Bill Walton’s broadcasting career? Last I heard, he had serious back problems that precluded travel, but that was a year ago.

  • Anonymous

    Are there any sons of former Bruin players that Howland’s got his eye on for recruiting?

  • bbruin

    Give us a hint. What positions are we looking at loosing these new recruits at? The academic casualties. I assume DT is one. How about DB?

  • WIUbruinfan

    You said that the O-line kids who signed LOI’s already(Hasiak, Capella, etc) “passed the eyeball test”. Should fans be excited that they have someone more physically able to compete, or should we be concerned over the lineman we have had and have in the program at this point?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s assume the allegations are true and Derrick Rose should have been ineligible in 2008…how should UCLA fans feel about losing to a team that essentially was breaking the rules?

  • Spencer

    Let’s say that John Wooden was not part of the Pauley renovation project, would UCLA build a new arena?