Four for Four with Norm Chow

On tomorrow’s scrimmage:
“We’ve spent some time on San Diego State, but we’re playing against our own guys. We have to switch gears a little bit, transition into ‘camp’ football. Hopefully we’ll be enthusiastic and sound, manage the game pretty well. It doesn’t matter what you score; these guys know each other and are tired of hitting each other. We want a good clean scrimmage.”

On preparing for early games against SDSU and Tennessee:
“The first two we play are tough because they’re new coaches, new staffs. We end up looking at old film. We get to see one game of Tennessee and none of San Diego State. It’s a crapshoot. But the first time is always a crapshoot.”

On the team’s depth this season:
“I think there’s a huge difference; Rick did a great job with recruiting. We’ve got competition in spots on offense. They’re young and enthusiastic, and they really want to do well.”

On the new players making him feel young again:
(laughing) “Oh, come on. I always feel young.”

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  • Anonymous

    Great job.
    Nice to get an animated quote from Norm Chow.

  • Bruin Brian


    Can you ask Norm if it’s true he’ll be on the sidelines for games this year and why he feels the need to do it?