Howland ON:

On Tyler Honeycutt:
“Athletically he has a hard time staying in front of the ball right now. His big challenge is going to be defensively, staying in front of the guy he’s guarding. He’s built so high – he’s two-thirds legs and one-third upper body. He really has to get low in his stance to guard people.”

On what Honeycutt adds:
“The one thing he adds to our team is the ability to rebounder. Tyler is a good rebounder. Per minutes played, he has to be first or second on the team.”

On UCLA’s defense:
We’re going to have to continue to use that zone – I should have used it more against Arizona. The main problem was we were so sped up offensively. Against a man-top-man defense, we took so many rushed, poor shots. Everybody was involved. With Nik and with Mike, they’re all running at you because you’re good shooters – you have to be able to fake.”

On UCLA against Arizona:
“It was really unbelievable to go 80 percent in one half and 20 percent in the next. The man bothered us, it really did. It got our guys sped up. I thought we’ve done a pretty good job in recent games seeing man-to-man.”