USC official: Garrett “USC’s interested in Chow” report correct

Just got off the phone with a USC official, who said that ESPN’s report on Mike Garrett’s confirmation of USC’s interest in Norm Chow was accurate.
Meanwhile, Kiffin press conference starts in 23 minutes.

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  • Anonymous

    ESPN didn’t say SUC had interest in Chow, they said Chow is going to SUC in a done deal. F-CK ESPN and their BS reporting and F-CK Scott Wolf and his BS reporting and F-CK Garrett and that dirty dump of a toilet known as SUC.

  • Revol_Bruin

    Anon, I haven’t heard/read where ESPN said that Chow going to $UC is a done deal, but I agree with everything else you said. Garrett seems useless as SUC’s AD at the moment. Scott Wolf is a manipulating dick.

  • Troubled Bruin

    Why hasn’t CRN issued a statement- “We love Chow and want him to stay, but understand that any good coach needs to eavaluate his options both professionally and financially. Our program is on the rise and Chow is part of that- again- we want him to stay!”

    Why hasn’t Chow issued a statement- “I love UCLA and think we are moving forward and on the rise. I want to stay at UCLA, but any smart person always should be able to explore options presented. Of course more money is nice and I will think it over, but I really do like UCLA!”

    Why the silence? Do CRN and NC get along? Where is the love???

  • Anonymous

    ESPN changed their report after they figured out it wasn’t true, so chances are you won’t find anything.



    Meanwhile, sources close to the school told ESPN’s Shelley Smith on Tuesday night that a deal is being worked on in hopes of bringing longtime offensive coordinator Norm Chow back to USC in the same capacity.

    On Wednesday, however, Chow’s agent, Don Yee, steadfastly denied that USC has been in talks with Chow.

    “Last night’s reports are false. There are no negotiations that are occurring. And, as of this morning [Wednesday], we have not received any contact from USC regarding any offers for coach Chow to leave UCLA,” Yee told ESPN, adding that no media contacted him about the initial circulation of Chow reports.

    Chow had not been directly contacted by USC, either, Yee said. If the Trojans do pursue his client in the immediate future, Yee did not reject the possibility of a deal.

    “As his representative, I’d have an obligation to present any proposal to coach Chow but I have nothing to present to him,” Yee told ESPN.

  • Anonymous

    Chow is gone like New Coke.