Xavier Grimble solid with USC

Just talked to Xavier Grimble, the No. 1 tight end out of Bishop Gorman in Vegas, and he pretty much quieted any speculation about re-opening his recruitment.

What are your thoughts on USC and the news that Norm Chow is staying at UCLA?
“I’m still pretty solid. They’re going to get a good offensive coordinator I’m sure. It would have been nice and everything, to have Norm Chow, but im pretty much committed to USC.”

Are you still considering an official visit to UCLA this weekend?
“I don’t really know, and my dad and I are going to talk about it right now.”

At this point, is it more about another school having a chance to poach you, or you just kind of waiting to see what happens at USC?
“More its me about waiting for USC. Waiting for things to be secure.”

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  • 9UCLA5

    Thanks for the update, Jon.

    Interested to hear with our other prospects.


    I didn’t know Lane Kiffin was such a great coach!
    No worries Xavier – enjoy South Central. I’ll settle for flipping Schwab and using James and Malcolm to steal Uko.

    To carry on the tradition of using analogies started yesterday – USC is like that old dirty underwear that you can’t bring yourself to throw away. As you continue to wear it – additional piss and sh** stains continue to form that cannot be washed out. Lane Kiffin and Ed O are the additional stains that continue to form – these $UC recruits continue to put on the underwear with the stains thinking that a new pair just won’t fit as nice – then end up farting and leaving a stain in their ass for everyone to see. Ask DaJohn Harris, Marc Tyler, and other recruits about that stain. Aaron Corp and Jamelle Holland are the only ones that used bleach to get rid of the stain.

  • Anonymous

    good reporting

  • H8T SuC

    So what if he stays with the pigs..
    we are loaded with great TE’s already..
    we need lineman on both sides of the ball

  • Anonymous

    He’s obviously just afraid to compete with the #1 TE from last years class for playing time.


    Be patient, I am sure Lame and crew will do something stupid and offensive in the next 2 1/2 weeks.

  • 74ucla


  • Mario DiLeo

    Love the underwear analogy, BruinNC…LMFAO. As for anonymous posters who play the race card, you sir are the racist…remember, those who smelled it dealt it. How much $$$ have you sent to help Haiti? Hmmm…just as I thought…

  • Dr. Mario

    Jon, I’m not understanding something here. He says that he is considering a visit to UCLA, and then also indicates that he’s only “pretty” solid and “pretty much” committed.

    There’s some cracks in that armor if I’ve ever seen any! He sounds like a soft commit to me…

  • BruinFan


    How about a little more subtlety in our questioning?

    Do we need to use the word “poach” to describe UCLA’s recruitment of Grimble?

    I mean its not like Xavier signed a LOI already, right?

    He’s fair game.

    Based on what I’ve heard, let’s just say there’s still time b/w now and Signing Day.

    Let’s give USC commits like Grimble some space and not make it seem like they would be “betraying” USC if they went to UCLA.

    Kids like Grimble have every right to look at UCLA and USC and decide which school is best for their LONG TERM college career, factoring in and future positives or NEGATIVES that could be in store for them at each respective university.

    Got it?

  • Anonymous

    Have fun at SUC, can’t say you weren’t warned about the upcoming sanctions and total meltdown of that trash program at that trash school SUC. Any of these recruits that are willing to go to that sh-thole, SUC, deserve what’s coming down on them.

  • Anonymous

    “I want UCLA to succeed as much as the next fan, but to pretend like we are going to be successful next season is very unrealistic.”

    I CALL B.S.!!!

  • SUCker

    I have to defend SUC ’til the end. How else can I justify the $120K of debt I will graduate with?

  • gilligan

    I’ll be surprised if Grimble left considering that both him and Telfer will probably get a lot of playing time at USC.
    As a USC fan, I do find it disheartening to hear UCLA or other fans mock the neighborhood around USC considering that a lot of recruits and potential college students live near the USC campus.

  • brewnz

    “What???? How can this be possible???? I thought we were going to take all of USC’s recruits after Carroll left!!! Damnit! I guess we will have to settle for the average players we were previously going after.”

    I mean, it’s not like we took U$C’s 5-star, #1 tight end JUST last year or anything. Probably a lot to ask to snatch him 2 years running…but it’s still possible.

  • UCLArt

    VB – your arrogance wreaks of SUC.
    Enough with the racist/elitist comments.

  • Mike H class of 90

    Kiffin can talk the talk (boy, can he) so I would be surprised if we could get anybody to switch at this late date who is already committed. Perhaps some of the guys who have not committed will be influenced by the choice of head coach (and Chow’s choice to stay at UCLA) as well as some of the other coaches who have left and taken their relationship as recruiter with them.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, Please do not allow ANONYMOUS comments. It allows for crap to be posted without a name.

  • brewnz

    gilligan, you’re far too rational for this board. You are correct though…it would be nice if we could avoid trashing communties, but somewhere along the line the “westweird”, “deadwood” and “south central” stuff gets inserted to take the battle down lower.

    I think the USC recruits are a bit ambivalent as the initial excitement of the hire settles into normalcy. I think 3 weeks gives them enough time to potentially lose a couple of players who don’t quite see Kiffin as the next Carroll.

  • samohopar

    I don’t know the guy, but it seems like Kiffin must be the best salesman to ever live. To do so little and to get so far, to get out-coached every time and yet keep reeling in the recruits, to fail time and time again and have daddy bail him out…he’s like the George W. Bush of college football (given he can use full sentences).

  • Reformed Droog

    @ BRUIN NC

    Wuh? You lost me about two sentences in…

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:
    Jon, Please do not allow ANONYMOUS comments. It allows for crap to be posted without a name.

    Says Anonymous HAHA

  • Anonymous

    Shut up Anonymous.

  • GG1

    No problem! Enjoy your years at SUC while under NCAA sanctions!!

  • Anonymous

    Well when the only reason SUC has had its recent “success” is cheating, sanctions are mandatory to make things right. SUC is going to give back its recent “success” and pay for cheating other teams of opportunities and success. UCLA will pound SUC into the ground in the near future and on, with or without sanctions, but it’ll probably be a bigger pounding after the effects of the sanctions take hold.

  • Anonymous

    will the NCAA finally put the hammer down on USC football? Something tells me NO. They will let USC slide yet again.

  • Anonymous

    John Wooden paid players? Really? All I know is Sam Gilbert was a booster for SUC football. Seems like you idiots should stop bringing him up.

  • Anonymous

    Lane Kiffin = Parolee of College Coaches

  • Anonymous

    Of course the NCAA is going to sanction SUC football, in fact the NCAA already gave SUC the death penalty by making Lame the new head coach. There’s nothing that is going to make SUC worse than that total moron being the head coach.

  • samohopar

    The ignorant people who keep saying USC was successful only because they cheated need to stop. They out-recruited everyone and did a good job of coaching those kids up. Emulate, don’t envy.

  • gilligan

    brewnz: I concur that I am not a big fan of my fellow USC fans referring to UCLA as FUCLA. From my experience this type of attitude comes from the younger fans that are used to USC in BCS games and have no experience of the Hackett era or UCLA dominating the rivalry in the 1990s. For whatever reason the older fan is more civil during this successful run.

  • Anonymous

    I thought VB represented UC Irvine…

  • Reformed Droog

    At the end of the day, it’s just another coach.

    Nobody knows whether or not Lane Kiffin is a good coach because he hasn’t done anything – good or bad. What we know is he’s got a good history of recruiting *cough – Layla* and he’s the only guy that might be able to sell a 1985 Yugo faster than our Rick Neuheisel. (Only 237,000 original miles!)

    I’ve got a strong feeling that in 2 years, Hello Kiffin will either be seen as the second coming of the Trojan god Petus, or be in the midst of being railroaded out of town for his second straight sub-par season.

    Obvious, I’m hoping for the latter, but you never know – Just because you were born with the keys to the Ferrari doesn’t mean you know how to drive it…

  • brewnz

    The only net effect of sanctions against USC will be that it forces everyone to play by the same rules. You basically have every Pac 10 school plus Ok. St. and and a couple of others participating in this case. I don’t think anyone feels that the NCAA will tell USC to not win games as part of their probation, and I agree with everything said about taking away 5 or so scholarships and a couple of years of bowl appearances. They don’t hurt in isolation. It only hurts if the patterns continue.

    This is not about Reggie Bush. There is are more widespread issues that are being addressed, thus the “Lack of Institutional Control” ruling. Boosters have become FAR too friendly with athletes and agents, runners and the like break bread with the coaching staff. Those are the things that other schools in the P10 can’t/won’t do that are at issue. (note: I highly doubt USC is the only high-profile team doing these things. There’s a reason some teams are magnets for recruiting classes full of NFL-quality talent).

    Let’s just clean it up and compete on the field. I agree with the trojan fans who say “win games and don’t cry for sanctions”. Sanctions do not equal victories, they just enable us to compete on a level playing field.

  • East_Bay_Bruin

    Grimble and all the other recruits SC has in their stable now, if indeed serious about going with the Trojans, need to sign a non binding Scholarship Agreement so they can reconsider when the penalties hit. The rumor mill on a lot of this stuff has been pretty accurate…and right now they are pointing to severe penalties for USC. Do you think Garrett would be talking fighting the NCAA and litigation if the charges they were notified of formally weren’t program crushers? Before you answer consider that Pete Carroll left for the Seahawks a few weeks after this report was sent to USC, and that SC sacrificed their own basketball program as a pre-emptive “see we can get tough on enforcement.” Scholarship Agreements my friends….scholarship agreements. Oryou could be really smart and go to a school you know isn’t going to be taken to the woodshed by the NCAA in the first place….that and looking at the depth chart, and the quality of the education…and the location….and the….

  • East_Bay_Bruin

    BTW Jon. Can you bring up the concept of Scholarship Agreements (SAs) with the recruits and if they or their parents have considered this option since it binds the school but not the recruit? Why would a kid who is looking at that situation with USC not do that? If Kiffen objects…it would really make you go “hmmmm….” unless you are mentally challenged. Ask Neuheisel what he thinks of the SA concept.

  • Anonymous

    Ruins, what you always seem to miss in all this is the fact you have a walking program destructor in nueweasel. see: Colorado and Washington

  • UCLA78

    I am disgusted by racist and elitist comments such as those above. We UCLA fans and alumni don’t need to stoop to that level. There are PLENTY of reasons to despise and hate that institution of lower learning without disparaging an entire community.

    Our recruits come out of most of the same high-school programs their recruits do. Our recruits live in the same neighborhoods as their recruits. Our recruits and their families read the same on-line blogs, message boards, etc. as their recruits. I hope to hell that they don’t think all or most or even very many UCLA fans think the way some who’ve commented in this blog apparently do. I truly find those comments despicable.

    A few notes:

    1. $UC fans started wearing the “FUCLA” shirts and buttons at least as far back as the mid-late 1970s, if not earlier

    2. There is no such official neighborhood as “South Central” any longer; the city council changed it to “South Los Angeles” a few years ago

    3. How much one sends to Haiti relief is not a reflection of their racism or non-racism. It might just be a reflection of economic realities. (Still, it is possible to send even $5 via free text message on your cell phone, or $10 via the major carriers by sending the message “Haiti” to 90999)

    4. I agree that “Anonymous” comments should not be permitted. Of course, I’m sure the DN technical folks know the IP addresses of even those posting anonymously

    5. To Anon @ 5:27 p.m.: It’s not that we need sanctions to compete with $UC, per se, it’s that the sanctions will — in theory — stop $UC from gaining an unfair advantage through sanctionable actions. That will allow UCLA and other schools who follow the rules to compete more equitably

    6. To the ignorant: John Wooden had already won several championships and had the top players coming to the program BEFORE Sam Gilbert ever showed up. There’s also NO evidence at ALL that John Wooden knew anything of Gilbert’s activities until the end, and there’s plenty of evidence that Gilbert was just as, ummm, “supportive” of $UC football as he was of UCLA Basketball. To say that John Wooden’s UCLA championships are tainted or “dirty” is just ludicrous

    7. “Ruins”?? “Neuweasel”?? Really, Anon at 10:39 a.m.? That’s the best you’ve got?

    8. VB: STFU. You *DO* *NOT* represent my fine alma mater and its students and fellow alumni. You and the tiny minority of others who think like you are a cancer that needs to be cut out. I’d really like to see the DN staff remove your truly offensive spewings from this blog.