Nelson on Roll

UCLA freshman center/forward Reeves Nelson said during Tuesday’s press conference that one of the reasons he has chosen to play despite fears of further eye damage is because he feels a duty to the team, in particular senior Michael Roll.

“He’s just been the perfect example really,” Nelson said of Roll. “He didn’t play that much his first couple years here, but I saw how much work he put in the offseason, and this season, especially to the young guys like me and Tyler, he’s just been… he leads by example, he leads by words, he does it all really.”

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  • Keith

    Bravo. Well spoken and hopefully a reflection of what the new guys will take into the off-season to do their work so we can get back to real UCLA basketball.

  • Anon

    So, if Nelson goes blind, it’s on Roll’s head!

  • BigTime Bruin

    what a role model. (had to)

    love hearing this.

    big time

  • Great comment, Reeves. Mike Roll has earned that sort of accolade and to have it come from a freshman who contributed with very high energy and effort makes it all the better. Michael Roll should frame that statement and put it up on his wall. I the spirit of John Wooden’s approach to basketball, i don’t see how a player could earn much higher praise from a teammate. I echo Keith’s bravo to both Reeves and Michael