Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) How many scholarships is Howland working with for the 2010 class? – UCLA3
I believe six, with three already used and three remaining.

2) When is Xavier Sua’filo scheduled to return to Ucla? And is it true that the NCAA changed transfer rules for persons in his situation, so that he would have to sit out yet another year if he transferred somewhere else? – RoseBowler
Su’a-Filo will return for the 2012 season, but the new rule is enacted if a player has already redshirted. A player returning from his LDS mission typically redshirts anyway.

3) Where is Bobo looking to transfer to? – Anonymous
I’ve heard mostly about schools in Texas primarily.

4) Did you feel the earthquake? It shook us good down here in Aztec country! – Blue Bruin
Yeah, it was wild. Biggest one I’ve felt in a while.

5) Can we infer from the departure of Bobo Morgan that Coach Howland thinks Stover would have been ahead of him on the depth chart next season anyway? – BruinBall
Yes, I think you can infer that.

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  • BruinBurd

    i cant really say i blame Bobo for Transferring. Obviously Stover is putting pressure on him and with Smith coming in…he saw the writing on the wall.
    The kid wants some PT. He is better off going somewhere else to get it.
    I dont think we saw enough of Moser to really know how good he was. CBH saw enough to not trust him in the game situations. From the limited minutes we did see, he seemed slow and lost on offense.
    My opinion is that kids should stick it out through their senior years and work their way into starting roles…but most kids these days seem to be on the fast track to the NBA and dont want to work for 4 years.
    Look what it did for Bozeman. He stuck with it when people thought he was a complete bust and he ended up fitting into the system eventually and being able to contribute…got to the NBA.
    Kids need to stick with CBH, trust in UCLA and their coaches and good things will happen.

  • BruinFaithful

    When did Bozeman play in the NBA? He was in the NBDL.